After being shot execution style or shot in the back. 

Dinardo, 20, agreed to plead guilty to four first-degree murder counts, attorney Paul Lang said outside the courthouse, where Dinardo had met with investigators. 

The person with firsthand knowledge of his confession said the men were shot in the head or the back after Dinardo felt cheated or threatened during three drug transactions. Dinardo sold quarter pound , 113 gram quantities of marijuana for several thousand dollars and sold handguns to area residents, the person said. 

According to the source, Every drug transaction lead to a killing.

Dinardo said one victim was killed July 5 and the other three, July 7. The last three remaining victims were reportedly discovered Wednesday by investigators. Dinardo agreed to tell investigators the separate location of the first victims body. 

The four men were all residents of Bucks County and disappeared last week. At least three knew each other. Only one of the bodies was officially identified. 

The victims families are said to be holding up remarkably well. 
I call bullshit on the I FELT THREATENED foolishness. If he felt threatened, why burn then bury them? Also at least one was shot in the back. That’s not a defensive position. That’s offensive. 

When I first read his Facebook comment where he states that he’s in the lumber business now, I thought he might have burned them.