Dean’s body was found…

Update July 13, 2017 @ 6:30 p.m.

Cosmo Dinardo confessed to killing all four men… Smh



I hate to say it, but recent developments are that a body has been found on the family farm of Cosmo Denardo (Dinardo).  A name has yet to be released. It is believed to be one of the missing men. This is not what we wanted to hear. But it’s what we brace ourselves for. Cosmo Dinardo is GUILTY until he can prove he’s innocent. We have dead bodies on his family’s property. We are allowed to form our own conclusions.



As stated on a previous blog about this case, this guy has the perfect situation. He has well to do parents, he doesn’t have to be accountable for his actions because his parents make excuses for him and always clean up his mess. They aren’t to blame, however, with his mental illness parents tend to carry guilt and blame themselves for this, which allows them to make callous mistakes like refusing to hold their child accountable.




He made the unfortunate yet FORTUNATE for the families, stupid mistake of trying to sell the car. Perhaps he wanted to get caught. He went from being a POI to being ReArrested and held on 5 million dollars. The detectives knew something that we didn’t.



Stay tuned for more developments…

What you may not know.

Investigators found Sturgis’s car abandoned at a nearby shopping complex, his parents told WPVI-TV on Monday. Meo’s car was found inside a garage on property owned by DiNardo’s parents, according to the station.

Police searched that property, along with DiNardo’s residence on Monday. Investigators have since focused on the 68-acre farm owned by DiNardo’s parents in Solebury Township, located about 30 miles north of Center City Philadelphia. The parents reportedly own a concrete company.

Tuesday’s search at the property included cadaver dogs, police recruits and heavy equipment, The Associated Press reported.

“There are some very obvious links,” between the missing men and DiNardo, Weintraub said. “I have to let you draw your own conclusions. … There’s information that I am privy to that I can’t share with you.”

DiNardo appears to be Facebook friends with Patrick, but has no obvious online connections to the three other missing men.

Sturgis’ father said his son and Meo are longtime friends, and “Finocchiaro is a mutual friend of theirs,” The Associated Press reported.

DiNardo is a 2015 graduate of Holy Ghost Preparatory School, a private Catholic school in nearby Bensalem, a friend told HuffPost. In 2015, DiNardo enrolled at Arcadia University in Glenside, another Philadelphia suburb, the friend said.

An August 2015 article on the Arcadia website says DiNardo planned to major in biology. “I’m going to go overseas, hopefully to Italy and the rest of Europe,” the article quotes DiNardo as saying.

DiNardo ultimately dropped out of Arcadia and was set to start classes at Bucks County Community College, the friend said. It wasn’t clear whether he actually enrolled.

DiNardo recently was involved in a bad dirt bike wreck that left him with a head injury that the friend said appeared to alter his behavior.

“He had frontal lobe damage, and I think that messed up his brain,” the friend said.

The wreck, six or seven months ago, stranded the injured DiNardo in the woods for more than a day until help reached him, another friend told Heavy.com.

The gun charge cites a history of mental illness, but authorities haven’t elaborated, according to Lehigh Valley Live. DiNardo is “a subject known to be suffering from mental illness and admittedly having been the subject of an involuntary commitment to a mental institution for inpatient care and treatment,” an investigator wrote in an affidavit accompanying the gun charge.

Photos posted to DiNardo’s Facebook, Flickr, and now-deleted Instagram page show he enjoys hunting, fishing and collecting athletic shoes.

Below is the probable cause affidavit.


Update, Human remains of one of the missing men identified. The other remains found have not been Id’d. At this time there are no names RELEASED. We do not know how many vicitms were found or what remains were discovered, however they all appear to be Human.

This is so saddening. Stay tuned for more information…


Cadaver dogs helped lead investigators to a patch of Bucks County, Pennsylvania farmland where the remains of at least one missing young man were buried deep underground, the county’s district attorney announced overnight Thursday.

The discovery marked a grim turn in the intense search for the men who went missing late last week.

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub said the remains of 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro, of Middletown Township, were positively identified.

Weintraub said there were other human remains buried in the 12-and-a-half foot deep hole on the vast 90-acre Solebury Township farm, but that investigators are still working to distinguish the identities.

As it’s developing I’m writing. My goodness this man was the heir to the family fortune.

The young man comes from a family that has built a fortune on real estate in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks counties. His grandfather, also named Cosmo DiNardo, owned several properties, with property records dating back to the 1970s showing a mix of residential and commercial rental properties.

The diverse holdings include a property leased to a behavioral health non-profit on Adams Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia that brings in as much as $32,000 a month, and a multi-unit apartment house on West Avenue in Jenkintown.

The elder Cosmo DiNardo died in 1997 at the age of 55. He lived with his wife on Mayfield Avenue in Elkins Park since 1974. It’s not clear how he got his start — or the initial capital required — to begin buying real estate.

But his next purchase was the house on Wayland Circle in Bensalem where his grandson was twice arrested this week. Antonio and Sandra DiNardo continue to use that suburban home as the base for their real estate and business holdings.

Between 1979 and 1989, Cosmo DiNardo bought three commercial properties and the Jenkintown apartment house.

The first purchase was a strip of storefronts at 1016 Cottman Avenue for $67,500 in 1979, which was sold in 2004 by his son Antonio for $425,000.

The next was 3159 Summerdale Avenue, bought for an unknown amount in 1981.

A third commercial property, bought in 1986 for $95,000, is 10 Shady Lane in Rockledge, Montgomery County. It’s currently rented to a dentist.

As his son came of age, Cosmo and Antonio DiNardo shared one real estate deal before Antonio eventually took over. The elder Cosmo and Antonio DiNardo purchased a Philadelphia house on Longmead Lane for $50,000 in early 1989 and flipped it two years later for $210,000.

In the late 1990s and 2000s, Antonio DiNardo purchased four more properties, two in Philadelphia and two in Bensalem. In 1998, DiNardo bought 4455-65 Castor Avenue for $94,000. It is home to the family concrete business called Metro Ready Mix and Supply.

The other property on Adams Avenue, purchased for $140,000 in 2001, is leased through 2032, according to property records, to a health care non-profit called The Bridge.

One of the Bensalem properties, 3636-3649 Hulmeville Road, which was bought in 2004 for $450,000, is home to the family’s other business, Bella Trucking.

By later that year, the DiNardos began collecting the farmland outside New Hope that would become the scene for the evolving mystery surrounding four missing men and a son who now sits inside Bucks County Jail.

The original bail and arrest details