Anybody out there remember John Wayne Gacy? Well he was the Serial killer who hid 26 bodies in the crawl space of his home. He was very deceptive. His method of luring was a construction company called PDM that he had and would recruit young vicitms to work for him. He’d also allow displaced teens to occupy a room in his house in exchange for work. Many of those teens went missing and John would state to authorities that they had simply run away. I think it’s a bit stupid that people didn’t tie him to the disappearance of those boys because they all had one thing in common. THEY CAME IN CONTACT WITH HIM! lol How does 5+ of your employees go missing and coincidentally they are all runaways?

See, serial killers are still out there. But it’s tougher for them to get away with their disgusting shit. They used to be able to kill forever and travel from state to state killing, but today, we are too connected. We are all linked and yes they can and will still kill, but the numbers will be drastically lower than before our technologies improved. In the 80s on back, the number of victims were easily 60-100 per Serial killer. Today it’s moreso, 5-10. I’m not bragging, however, many lives are spared because of advancements in DNA.

John Gacy lured a victim of his named John Szyc, he was only 19 years old and he was lured to his house on the pretext of purchasing a car from Gacy. His body was found in the crawl space. The car was taken from a young man who had gotten away from Gacy named Michael Rossi. Michael Rossi did work around the house for Gacy, including spreading lime in the crawl space. Of course it was unknown to him that bodies were there. He was simply obeying his bosses orders.

In this case, the fact that evidence is being collected from different locations that all pertain to the missing men, we have to wonder, are they dead? There’s no logical reason to suspect that they are alive. However, ONE may still be alive.

And don’t start getting emotional and in your feelings. This Cosmo fella is very young right? But this is the usual age when Serial Killers make their moves. Jeffrey Dahmer was 19 when he had his first kill. This guy has the signs that point to the potential of being a modern day Serial killer. He has means over anything else. A family with over 90 acres of land? My goodness. He could have been having a field day and finally got sloppy.

Also let’s remember this. Many serial killers were in the grasp of police and released only to begin killing or continue killing. This man was released on a 1 million dollar bail after his father put up $100,000 but was RE arrested 3 days later after he attempted to sell the missing man car. Do you know what they call that? DESTROYING EVIDENCE.

Stay tuned. There are more developments in this story.

The story below.

Courtesy of AP …




A 20-year-old man was arrested Wednesday on charges of trying to sell a car belonging to one of four missing Pennsylvania men, and a prosecutor said he believed there would soon be “finality” in the search for the apparent victims of foul play.

Authorities got perhaps their biggest break with the discovery Sunday of one of the men’s cars. In a subsequent search of Tom Meo’s vehicle, investigators found his diabetes medicine, which his family said he never went anywhere without.

A judge ordered Cosmo DiNardo, whose family owns the farmland where a massive search has been underway since Sunday, held on $5 million cash bail on the stolen vehicle charges.

DiNardo was described as a person of interest in the investigation after he was first arrested Monday on an unrelated gun charge. His father put up $100,000 to bail him out Tuesday. District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said he wanted a higher bond to make sure he remained behind bars because he posed an even greater flight risk. DiNardo was described as a danger to the community.

The prosecutor said important evidence had been found both at the farm about 30 miles (48 kilometers) north of Philadelphia and other properties, but no human remains.

“The search at the scene is really intensifying,” Weintraub said late Wednesday upon announcing the arrest. “I’m very encouraged … that we’re going to get some finality

Law enforcement walks down a blocked off driveway in Solebury, PA as the search resumes July 11, 2017 for the 4 missing men feared to be the victims…

In this just prolonged ordeal.”

Besides Meo, 21, the other missing men are Mark Sturgis, 22, and Dean