Omg as if we haven’t seen enough. Yeah this video is exactly what it seems like. A complete Diss. 

She does not wish to touch his hands. I always knew they were strained but holy fuck. She doesn’t like him at all.

I was going to write a long blog on Melania because she’s intriguing as a First Lady. 

For one, in an interview Donald called her HIS ROCK. And he wasn’t wrong for calling her that. She is indeed a stone. That woman can hold a gaze and won’t break character to save her life. She’s CLEARLY in her feelings in this video, yet she’s still present beside her husband. Its obvious that she went as DUTY. 

IN any case that’s usually not wrong. But after seeing such a lovely display between Michelle and Barack, its hard to digest these two. 

What can we say? Melania is NOT FAKE. She has no shame in her past and she knows what she wants for the future. Dump, I’m sorry, TRUMP was smart to marry her. He can’t do Any better, and she can’t do any worse. 
I honestly can’t believe this is our American couple. This is the couple that represents our country. In this situation, we have to take what we get.