This tattoo is being used as a major identifier to locate him.  The family is being extremely honest about him because they want him found dead or alive and they want CLOSURE. 

MANY of the stories I write Its almost impossible to get the family where you need them to be because they are looking for the little lost boy who was innocent and hadn’t been exposed to a life of crime and drug use. But everyone travels in circles. We are all known by the places we visit and the company we keep. So being honest helps your case. 

I hope this family can find him.  

After talking to Troy’s mother it is reported that he received disability income every month and that may have been the reason for his disappearance. With him being an addict that has caused him to be in some pretty shady circumstances and around criminals who would take advantage of his weakness. 

Having an addiction leaves one very vulnerable. We don’t know if he had outstanding debts with anyone. 

He is a heroin addict. His mother isn’t sure if he overdosed,  but she’s confident that because of his past arrests,  that he’d be in the system and couldn’t go down as a John Doe. 

He’s been missing since January 2017. It’s unlike him to miss more than 2 weeks talking to his family and checking in. He hadn’t posted to Facebook or any social media. 

His mother Gretchen fears the worst. 

A missing persons report exists in Asheville North Carolina. Other than that,  there’s no press. 

As unfortunate as this is,  I’m using a mugshot photo of Troy to show different appearances. We look different in certain stages. 

His story is teaching me to be less judgemental. Especially in a case like his where the only person hes physically hurting is himself. 

Addiction destroys families. It takes a child from its mother. And a mother from her child.  There’s no way to seal that hole once it’s there.  

I saw Gretchens post on a page that I follow and her honesty grabbed me. She deserves to know the truth about what happened to her boy.  Yes he’s a grown man but he’s still her boy. 

Troy is also Special Needs. He’s struggled with a feeling of being abnormal and that’s what caused him to seek acceptance from negative outside influences.  There is no way possible he could have known that he’d get addicted to heroin. 

His mother states that he wanted to travel in an effort to get LEGAL injections of the drug under a controlled environment.  But he doesn’t drive. He didn’t have a car. He may have been a victim of foul play. 

Don’t hesitate to DM or PM his mother Gretchen Osteen with any information that you may have concerning the whereabouts of Troy Rusty Jackson.