I hesitated to write this blog because I just couldn’t. My Facebook page called Justice For Aleah is very busy and I’ve Been keeping everyone up to date there. 

There’s so much CORRUPTION in this case that it’s sickening. 

From everyone like the EPD who I can’t stand to the woman who found Aleah and took photos of her body BEFORE telling her boyfriend who is in jail. He then cuts a deal and will be getting out soon.  These People are disgusting. 

Cathy Murray acted as if she was completely startled and distraught. However,  she had time to take photos. Her boyfriend is a drug dealer and it just Pisses Me off that she collected the reward money for Aleah.  

There are still 2 GOFUNDME campaign’s set up in her name. For various reasons they still exist. 

EPD is stating that the family has been cleared REGARDLESS of the host of lies that have been told to the media. 

I do not trust any of them,  and to me,  they caught somebody and that person gave a confession and they don’t care about anything else. 

To Me, that’s NOT Justice for Aleah.  

There’s been much debate over the date given in this tribute because we don’t know exactly what day she died. So it’s only logical for someone to use her missing date. 

Evidence was tampered with in this case,  EPD lied or mislead the public with various contradicting statements. This city doesn’t understand integrity. I’m thinking maybe one person was honest during this ordeal. 

 This one of the reasons why I don’t want to do this anymore. 

We were all duped and it looks like they’ve gotten away with it. 

When you have a case where the woman who works at Apex, which is the organization who gave the reward for information on Aleah, is the sister of Cathy Murray,  you dont know what to think.  

This case was terrible and the best thing about it,  ITS OVER and Aleah Beckerle doesn’t have to live in that environment anymore.  

The way she was taken from this world is horrific and having her body tossed aside is …. you fill in the blank. 
I’m done! 

A message from a neighbor of a Cara Beckerle the mother of Aleah. She gives a first hand account of what she witnessed.