And it is. No I don’t have hardly anything that I want, but all of my needs are met. I literally need nothing.

When you read my blogs you might think, what’s going on with Ericka and why does she choose the stories that she does. Many times it’s because I care. And others it’s because it’s in the news, so why not talk about it?

Many of my stories have had a horrible effect on me. Because I take things to heart when I write. I try not to, but these are real people.

When writing about a tragic untimely death, In order to get the details right, and to draw the right emotion, you have to get deeper into a story. So it’s easy to get carried away and think that ALL LIFE SUCKS!

But that’s just not true. The world is beautiful. There’s so much land and love, there’s plenty for all of us.

The news will have you suicidal and thinking that we are all doomed and that war will begin soon. There’s so much negativity out there in the media. But the truth is. Many more of us woke up healthy and happy, than those who didn’t.

None of us knows how we will leave the earth. We don’t know how we are going to die. We just know we will. There may be beauty in that. It allows you to live each day like it’s your last.

I was blogging about a story where an older man appeared to be senselessly murdered. He was 74 years old. He’s technically lived a long life. He really has. He’s lucky. Although the death of him was untimely, he was going to die anyway. What if it was just his time? Maybe that’s what the stars had in line for him.

Maybe him walking to the store that day was something he did for recreation. And maybe he died doing what he loved.

A time or cause of death is not promised for any of us. We go , how we go.

And because we don’t know, we should look for ways to see the beauty that is around us. We cannot control what happens around our neighbors house. We need to focus on our own happiness. It’s not selfish. It’s looking for ways to bring joy into your own life.

While someone is dying, another is being born. While I’m watching the news, PISSED off, someone else is on a yacht sipping cocktails. And they honestly don’t give a shit about me. And they aren’t wrong for it.

We were put here to enjoy ourselves. We are here to love and show compassion, but we have to live our lives and try to be happy. If we Allowed every story to get us down, we’d all be one banana peel away from slipping over the edge.

When you read these stories, don’t take them personally. Be grateful for your life and all of the wonderful things that you have available to you. Be grateful for love, good health and people who love you.

We have beaches, Countries, cuisine and culture to explore. We have abundant love. The world is full bad stuff. But the GOOD, far outweighs it. Think about your PERSONAL life. If you’re ok, then life is good!.


I was watching a celebrity and every morning he wakes up he shows the sunrise and he shows himself on the beach and beautiful photos of the beach. And every night before he goes to bed he shows the Moonlight and himself lying in bed under his covers looking all comfortable. And he smiles and says good night darling today was a beautiful day. Never mind all around him people are the victims of heinous crimes. He chooses to see the beauty in the world. I’m certain he’s aware, but he doesn’t let that control his happiness.

And it’s not because he is financially stable that he’s able to be happy and smile. It’s because he CHOOSES to make happiness, joy, serenity and peace a mandate in his life. We all deserve that.