Update Steve Stephens is dead. He committed suicide.  Story on front page of my blog
These videos are disgustingly EPIC. Why?  It’s him speaking. We don’t need to TRY and make sense of what happened.

Even if we feel it’s a cop out and the lamest excuse ever,  it’s still his excuse.

I hate these videos.


Because he’s human.  He’s not a monster. He’s a fucked up individual.  And YES we need to pay more attention to MENTAL ILLNESS.  IT’S REAL!  THESE videos prove it.

This isn’t about Race.  We are all capable of being fucked in the head and losing it.  NOBODY is exempt.  I don’t care if you judge him. It’s not my business. But I will say if you have a person in your life who is desperate for attention,  GIVE IT TO THEM.  If they need counseling,  help them find it.  Step out of yourself for once and LISTEN!  LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN!

Look guys I’ve said it before. This guy needed help.  He went to his mother. He states that she didn’t validate his pain.  HE NEEDED THAT! !!! He states that NOBODY cares for him.  I believe him 100%.

People want to help only what they feel is important.  But Mental health is crucial.  We All Could use a therapist or some time to grasp what life is doing to us.

We all need help.  Every one of us does.  I make myself AVAILABLE to anyone who wants to talk or needs a friend. That’s my job.  That’s why I’m here.  We need that. I NEED that.  You’re not a bad person for reaching out.

National Suicide Prevention hotline


Crisis text line…. crisistextline.org
He was reaching out. No matter how you see it,  no matter how weak you think he is,  HE TRIED.  But he just couldn’t do it himself.

I’m not excusing him. But you should understand the signs and symptoms.

This wasn’t about just killing himself. He wanted to make a name for himself.  He’s already stated that he felt ignored. He felt as if he helped so many others,  but that nobody was there for him.  You never felt that?

That’s no excuse for murder. However,  not having the will or strength to listen to rationality is a weak point in mental illness.

His ex gives a statement and request for privacy.

She confirms their relationship and says he was good to her and her children.  Maybe it’s true or she’s scared to death.  But from his friends,  they state he’s a chill guy.  But isn’t that the way it usually is?

Everybody chimes in the hymn of shock. Nobody believes it.  And I can that he’s pissed in the video that people don’t believe him.

As of now.  He definitely killed 1 person and that’s been confirmed by LE. Now we wait to see if there’s more and how this will end.

The family has issued a dreadful statement that makes me just say,  UGH! !,MY GOODNESS! ! WHAT HAS HE DONE?

” On behalf of the entire Stephens family,  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Robert Godwin senior, his family and all of the victims families that have been affected by this tragedy. I have taken the liberty of deleting all of Steve’s tweets, as I do not want any pictures of our family to be associated with this murderer. We absolutely do not condone this type of behavior and this atrocity, therefore we do not consider Steve a part of this family. I would like everyone to refrain from posting pictures of our family and association with Steve, or we do not want our young ones to be burdened by this man. Please respect our privacy.

We do not have any information concerning the whereabouts of Steven. If you have any serious inquiries, please direct message this account. Remember to pray for the victims and their families.”

Holy cow,  they took serious damage control! !!
And of course I’m NOT covering This story.

Video above is of His mother Maggie Green and her thoughts on this event.

Just a note.

After doing a search of Maggie Green,  eerrrhemmm, I discovered some interesting videos.  Well apparently there’s a porn star known as Maggie Green. (No affiliation with mom). Well  It took me 5:37, that’s five minutes and thirty seven seconds to realize that the movie had absolutely NOTHING to do With the case.