Ok so you’ve probably heard the story about the Chinese guy on United Airlines who was dragged from the plane because they were overbooked and they needed 4 spaces to fly employees to their destinations.

OK so the story goes,  everyone was aboard flight. The passengers were asked to VOLUNTARILY surrender their seats. They were then offering  $800.00 (at which point I would have gladly relinquished my spot. ) People still weren’t moving. So they allegedly selected four individuals at RANDOM.

This unidentified man just so happens to be one of them.  He is a doctor and was needed for surgery so he refused to give up his seat.  THAT’S his right. To me,  they should have validated his excuse and asked someone else to move. Maybe even sweeten the deal. Technically they couldhave gone up to $1350.00.

They made a big deal and decided to forcefully remove him from his seat.  Things got out of hand and well,  he ended up all bloodied and bothered and he’ll sue and win millions.

Good for him.  YES I laughed initially at the story because to me,  it was funny.  Today not so much. They were wrong.

OK enough of that. Look this isn’t a a Chinese problem. We don’t hate the Chinese. But now this event has sparked some stupid ass Chinese revolt and it’s completely unnecessary. This was an isolated incident and he wasn’t targeted because of his race. He was targeted because the security officer was a fucking idiot!

Please don’t fuck up my Moo Goo Gai Pan because of this shit.

The last thing we need in this country is pissed off Chinese folks. They are the ONE cuisine that I can eat who don’t fuck up my body with dairy and shit. LEAVE THEM ALONE! !



This is for you sick fucks out there who think this is funny!!

It’s not funny, but the memes …. Oh it’s the memes I tell ya! 😂😂

By the way his name is David Dao.