EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) – Antwan Henry, 43-years-old, has been in jail since his arrest in August for dealing cocaine.

He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor possession and was sentenced to time served.

Authorities say his girlfriend, Cathy Murray, is the one who found Aleah Beckerle’s body in the Bedford Street home. She told Henry, who then told police.

A special prosecutor was brought in to handle his case.

Murray says she was searching for junk, left behind in abandoned homes, the day she found Beckerle’s body. Murray was given the $7,500 reward money from local behavioral health group, Apex on Friday.

Do you find this normal?  Instead of telling the police,  she told her drug dealer boyfriend.  Now he was caught up in yet another Meth Ring bust last year. Meaning Evansville is known for its drug epidemic.  

I’m not liking this situation at all.  Does it matter?  Don’t know.  But the idea that Cathy Murray is a drug addict and her boyfriend is a dealer, and she claimed the reward money is disturbing.  

Makes you wonder even more about things being PLANNED. Strange enough the bust took place July 16, 2016. The day BEFORE Aleah Beckerle allegedly went missing.  Sources say that Cara Beckerle owed some serious cash and had to put Aleah Beckerle up as a form of collateral.