Hmmm so if this is the window in question,  HOW did he manage to get her out this window?  How was everything placed back perfectly?  Wouldn’t we have EVIDENCE to corroborate the story?  She would not have had any question as to how her child was taken. The evidence would have spoken for itself.

Do you think that is information that the Evansville police department would have left out to protect the case?

We are being told that this is the window that he took Aleah out of. So this is a fair question. I understand for the sake of not tainting the case and not giving away too much information that certain things must be withheld from the public.

That is done in an effort to say whomever confessed to the crime would have to be the one who committed the crime because only they would know how this happened. 

Do you believe that this is what happened?

Are you familiar with cases where they withhold information as far as how the child was taken?

This is a side view of the house where Aleahs bedroom is/was. Allegedly he took her from the room shown above and Out through this side.  

The EPD stated that there were no signs of forced entry.  So did they lie to us?  Because if this is the window that he climbed through to take her and the window that he went out of,  there would be plenty evidence. 

So did Cara Beckerle fix up the place BEFORE she reported her daughter missing or is EPD lying?