Lol yes I do this intentionally. Don’t you just love my titles?

So anyways, what would You do if you found an intruder in your shower? Lol

I am trying to think what I would do. I just don’t know. but killing them or shooting them is definitely not one of my options.  How Would I feel if someone shot me while I was trying to get cleaned ? Would I ever have to grab my gun? Of course because I don’t know what his actions or her actions would be. But I’m not going to just go firing off all willy-nilly. The guy was probably singing La Bamba. It’s so sad. You can’t even break into a house to freshen up without getting shot! What is this world coming to?

Well here’s the story.

A homeowner who shot and killed an intruder he found taking a shower in his bathroom Saturday is facing a second-degree murder charge. Police say the homeowner,  an identified man found a screen taken off a window on his property. Then he noticed a door had been kicked in. The homeowner continued to investigate and found Nathaniel Joseph Rosa who is 31 in the bathroom taking a shower, police said. The homeowner, after discovering Rosa, left the scene to retrieve his gun, returned and shot Rosa through the shower curtains. The homeowner was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. The shooting is under investigation.

Right or wrong?

Ok possible scenarios where he’s gotta die.

1.  I came in and found that fucker using my loofah

2. I came in from a long hard day’s work and I was exhausted and found that he had hogged up all the hot water!

3. He sounded terrible and was fucking up La Bamba

4. He was using my favorite soap

5. I have to shit or pee but this idiot Is in there taking too much time.