I was sitting back thinking last night about my Dreadful future. No please, don’t comfort me, I have absolutely no idea where I am going or what I am doing. But if I was a cop this is how missing children’s cases would be handled. You ready? I’m throwing out all laws. 

Immediately when I arrive at your house after you make a report that your child is missing, I am going to sit you down and discuss the situation and if you are not believable I am going to take you down to the station and interrogate you. Your story will not become public if your story is not believable. I would make parents take an immediate lie detectors test and if they pass then I proceed with doing the missing persons report. Once the missing persons report is filed, then and ONLY then will you be able to use the Publics resources. 

The exception would be if there’s a WITNESS who saw a child be snatched. But all of these reports of, I WOKE UP AND MY CHILD WAS GONE… BS, I’d put a stop to that shit. These Crack head parents are becoming more and more callous and careless. 

If I saw that you were lying I’m arresting your ass on the spot. I don’t know what is going on with parents today, but CLEARLY being a mom for most of these chicks is just a way to collect state benefits and get a bank account at GoFundMe. I bet you the deaths and missing children’s cases would drop. Yeah we’d always have that killer parent, but at least they won’t be able to make a fool out of us. They wouldn’t get our money, nor our time. But the way it is right now?? We are at the mercy of these lying ass people. 

Just think about all the manpower hours and wasted TIME looking for a kid while the mom just sits back laughing at us because she Knows everything and you don’t. We come into these situations at a disadvantage. I still believe that Aleah Beckerle was killed In June and not when she was reported missing. Yes I could be wrong. But I have not found anyone to show me proof that she was alive after the shooting in her house. 

Now it makes more sense why Cara KNEW that Aleah wasn’t in that Landfill. She was adamant about it too. You ever hid something from someone and watched while they looked for it? That twisted diabolical look of grandeur on your face because you know how COLD they are? 
I’m trying not to turn into Danny Glover in SAW. He was this obsessed detective who couldn’t stop looking for jigsaw. He went mad! 

We need to change the way we handle these cases. These parents are getting bolder and bolder.