AUSTRALIAN sex workers have sent a message to women as they reveal married men are spending huge sums of money on them for “girlfriend experiences” or “companionship bookings”.

One woman, who goes under the pseudonym Mrs Robinson, told she feels like a “marriage counsellor” and that Australian women are failing to understand the needs of their partners as more and more men are driven to online apps to find intimacy.

“I do see a lot of married men and they’re not getting that intimacy at home, at all,” Mrs Robinson told

“Men are looking to be understood and be heard. They’re looking for that bit of love that they’re obviously missing. I could open up a school to teach women how to be intimate because there are so many out there that are not giving intimacy to their husbands.”

The 58-year-old woman said that 90 per cent of her clients, ranging in age from 20-45, pay $350 for half an hour to engage in a heightened degree of emotional intimacy.

In some cases, they engage in reciprocal sexual pleasure (girlfriend experiences), but in other cases, they won’t have sex at all (companionship experiences).

“There’s definitely more demand for it. I can’t tell you the number of times a client and I haven’t had sex. We may have just sit there and talk, we may have dinner. There’s so many times that you will not have sex. Sometimes there will be a run of it when I think … ‘wow’.

“It’s not this wild, crazy, hang-from-the-chandeliers porn star experience they want. They just want to be with a girlfriend for an hour. Cuddling, being together, talking, having that intimacy with somebody. I’ve got clients in their 20s who want that. It’s pretty amazing. I’m still in shock over how many young guys are into me. It’s bizarre.”

She said the rise of dating apps, specifically an app designed to connect sex workers with clients, Rendevu, are revolutionising the sex work industry as more and more men look for connections outside of their relationship, online and off. The platform helps sex workers and users organise availability, pricing, location and type of services.

“It’s certainly helped to put my name out there,” Mrs Robinson told of the online evolution of the sex industry.

“It’s like Uber escorts on demand. When I’m available I would log in to the app and turn my status on and then people who are looking can see that I’m available at that time and book me.”

Mrs Robinson said her clients, who are mostly businessmen, seek her out because their partner has lost connection with their emotional needs.

“A lot of guys just want to share things they may not be able to share with their wife about personal stuff because their lives are too busy at home with the kids and everything.”

She said that most of her companionship experiences involve “cuddling” and “talking” and conversation can stretch from politics to the world to even their own relationship.

“Ninety per cent of married or partnered men will talk about their relationship,” she said.

“The other ten per cent will feel a bit guilty so they don’t want to talk about their family or wife at all. But it’s always respectful.

“I don’t feel guilty but I usually give them advice on how they can make their marriage better.

“I have a guy who comes to me, then he got a girlfriend and said, ‘I better not see you anymore’, but then he decided he needed to see me and he still comes to see me now, even though he has a girlfriend.

“I talked to him about the whole girlfriend thing and I’m so happy for him, I’m so happy that he has a girlfriend and that it may lead to marriage. But he just loves to come and see me and talk to me and enjoy time with me.”

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