Courtesy of Awkward Photos​

Thanks to the Internet, we live in a golden age of romance–especially if you’re of the kinky persuasion. No matter who you are, (or what you’re into), you can find people with similar interests, without having to even leave your couch! Even better, you can be as anonymous as you want! Obviously things haven’t always been this way, and if you look at these dating profiles from the 1960’s (thanks to our friends at Flashbak), you’ll see how far we’ve come.


Imagine how difficult all of this would have been. This was a time when a minuscule percentage of people even knew what kinky stuff was. Then realize your only communication was snail mail. (Or phone, if you’re lucky, but many of these guys weren’t.) On top of THAT, you had to use full photos of your real face. You couldn’t even use a Snapchat filter!

Talk about putting it all out there.

We’ll never know if these gentlemen ever found their special someone or someones, but we like to think they did. We’re romantics at heart.

1. “Desire early meetings”? This guy has it figured out. Gotta get your spanking done by a reasonable hour so you can relax and enjoy The Ed Sullivan Show.

2. He’s willing to travel to every state in the Gulf Coast region. Something tell us he’s getting a bit desperate.

This is what people did before Craigslist Missed Connections. Also, sometimes they wrote in verse.

5. And you thought the most exciting thing in Missouri was the Cubs-Cardinals game.

6. On this one it seems like he went with a horseback riding innuendo to describe what he’s into, but then got way too into fantasizing about actual horseback riding and forgot what he was writing about in the first place.

7. If you’re not interested in swinging, this guy is also recruiting for his doomsday cult.

8. This gent is an inspiration to stocky fellows everywhere. (Even if he does need help choosing a profile pic.)

9. There’s something endearing about this man’s willingness to answer every letter he gets. Politeness is a lost art!

This definitely leaves much to be desired. But you know what I’m taking from this?  Men are some sick fucks and always have been. Lol there’s absolutely nothing new. Looking at the ads where the guy is a blatant cheater and actually posts an ad in the local paper with PHOTO?  OH hell no.  

And then it makes me realize that men have been using the pick up line,  “my wife and I are swingers” for a long ass time. When he knows that his wife ain’t no damn swinger.  He’s just looking for a way to justify his crap.  

And these men are lying out their ass about their age. Come on now. Clearly these guys look much older. The one who says he’s 33, I’m like boy please. 

I’d be so embarrassed to put a clip in the newspaper seeking love. But even more so publishing all my sick twisted fetishes for the world to see. 

But since you asked for it,  here it goes… 

Married woman looking for a man to pamper her when her husband ain’t around. Spoiled rotten brat looking to take possession of your possessions and claim them as her own. 

Very immature 5’9 170 pounds 😆😆 yes I’m thick. My husband likes it. Which reminds me,  he’ll kill you if you touch me,  so HANDS OFF. 

This is a business arrangement for men who like to WATCH,  and are willing to pay to see me spend their money,  while living happily ever after with another. 

Will answer all calls. Not willing to travel at all. I’m the ♕ so you come to me. Make sure you bow once you are in my presence.

You know after writing this thing,  I bet you there’s somebody out there willing to do this shit. Lol so call me at 1-800IMTHEBOSS and leave a detailed message as to why I should let you serve me.  

This is a photo of Erick and I Saturday night at the Improv comedy show in Orlando,  Florida. 

I sure as hell Hope he don’t see the ad.  I know he reads my blog.  😅