So this video speaks for itself. Lol I am a highly qualified and well sought after sex therapist who specializes in NETFLIX and Chill with no thrills. My mission is to get you back on track which is either on your back or knees in no time.

I have proven methods and testimonials.

Okay so anyway there’s a story that ran today that says NETFLIX and other movie companies are actually getting in the way. It seems that people are actually watching Movies instead of rolling in the hay. Say what? No way. OK yes I’m a movie nut. I love them. All of them. I watched Lavalantula the other night. I watched Zombies versus Strippers. Sometimes I like them corny. 😂 But getting in the way of sex? I don’t know about that one. Maybe they have shitty lovers for partners and they’d get a better climax if they watch movies. I mean me personally I’ve been with guys who I just wanted to turn the TV on in the middle. Hey ain’t no point in laying there pretending you’re enjoying it.

Anyway, don’t forget to order your starter kit at Netflix

Some of you need to decide whether you’re going to dump your mate or renew your subscription. 😅😄😃