I can’t say I blame the folks who overlooked Fido. I mean come on, he did it to himself. If he wanted to be adopted, he should have cheered up. Lol

Life is hard enough and then I gotta come home to your grumpy face?

So Sheldon was his name and yes everyone turned their backs on him.

Sheldon arrived at the Arizona shelter just a few days after Christmas. He is a sweet, loving boy who already knew basic commands like “sit” and “paw,” so it seemed like he’d been somebody’s pet.

But that somebody didn’t collect him. Whether it’s because of his grumpy face, or because that grumpy face is attached to a pit bull’s blocky head — a head shape associated with a whole lot of untrue negative stereotypes — for a long time, nobody else wanted to take Sheldon home, either.

“Unfortunately, no one came for Sheldon,” Melissa Gable, spokesperson for Maricopa County Animal Care & Control, told TODAY in an email.

Shelter volunteer Heather Haltmeyer saw promise and opportunity where others had seen…less.

“He is definitely a sweet dog!” she told TODAY.

Haltmeyer specializes in taking pictures of dogs who need some extra help getting noticed by potential adopters.

In late January, she took some photos of Sheldon that would best show off his curmudgeonly mug, and darling personality. They were posted to the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control Facebook page, with this excellent come-on:

“GUYS! Look at this face!! We may be biased, but we think Sheldon should be a doggy celebrity with all those expressions! Think of all the fun you could have taking pictures of him if you adopt,” she wrote.

The Facebook post was a huge hit. Sheldon’s story spread far and wide — and even more importantly, it reached, and moved, someone local.

Arizonian Emily Chmiel spotted Haltmeyer’s photos of Sheldon, and really liked what she saw.

“I went down right at opening the next morning to meet him and basically immediately fell in love,” she said.

If Sheldon’s grumpy face got Chmiel in the shelter door, that’s not what really sold her. It was his personality.

Coming into the shelter’s meet-and-greet room, Sheldon “was bouncy and happy,” she said. “Like no matter who was waiting in there, they were about to be his best friend.”

He was right. Sheldon got adopted.


Sheldon is now known as CAS. 

Yes I liked the name Sheldon better. But it’s great that he found a loving home.

I suppose when it comes to dogs, don’t judge them by their expressions.