Lol yes I said that. OK girls there’s this shit that’s been on the market for years and it’s called Jamaican black love Stone. It’s actually Asian, but someone decided it would look more reputable if it came from Jamaica.

Anywho I wanted to talk about this subject because well, I got something to say about everything. So this stone is used for premature ejaculation. It’s supposed to numb the sensitivity in the head of the penis and make the guy last longer. Some claim even hours. Yep it’s been noted to give the guy the ability to fuck you all night long and never cum, but still remain hard. Now before  you start leaving my damn blog and rushing out to order the stuff, it is illegal in the United States.

But don’t let that stop you because many American men still have access to it. There are few companies that will deliver or ship to the United States.

It’s actually toad Venom. That’s right you heard that correct. It is venomous and it is poisonous and it must be used with extreme care and Caution. To my understanding about 20 to 30 minutes before a man is ready to have sex he is instructed to go grab this Stone and rub a little bit of the dust or whatever it is on his penis. Now from my understanding that shit Burns. And you have to wash it off thoroughly. It’s a numbing agent and takes away the feeling and prohibits the man from cumming too soon.

Sounds great for you all nighters right? Good for you, not for me. I don’t want to have sex with someone who can’t FEEL all my juicy goodness. (Too much?)

Guys listen, this is the shittiest idea ever to me. WHO CARES if you can go all night but you’re a piece of shit? So you want to come over and destroy my vagina and I’m supposed to love it? Fuck you! I don’t have time to lay down in bed for 5 hours just being grounded and pounded. That is the last thing I want to do with my life. And isn’t the point of having sex to have an orgasm? I don’t want some guy in my bed who I’ve been sucking your dick for 2 hours and you still have not come yet. My jaw gets sore! I don’t have time for that. And I don’t want to wake up with bowlegs the next morning either.

Do you know how long hoouuuurrrsss is? That’s HOURS! I could be blogging, watching a great movie, reading a book, twisting my hair, counting the grays on my vagina. But you want me to lay there in a pool of your sweat and mine because you’ve got something to prove? No thank you.

Then let’s talk about oral sex. With this love Stone the taste is allegedly so bad that women would not be interested in serving you. Say what? So my options are laying back and letting you go to work? That sounds great… At first. But I know men. They gotta show off. They want everything done and every position possible. Guys I don’t like it. That’s a FUCKING heavyweight boxing career done in one night.

And what it takes to get your baby is what it takes to KEEP your baby. You think you can pull that out of the bag when you want, but what about when I want it? I gotta wait for your dumb ass to lather your dick in toad poison then wait for an hour for the burning to stop. Then I gotta worry about whether or not this shit will make me numb too? Which is likely if he doesn’t clean it good enough. And if I find out that a guy poisoned his shit before coming to see me, I’ll be on the news telling my side of the story.

The thought of prolonged periods of time when you’re making love and you want to get more attention and give more is a good thing. But is this the way to get it?

I prefer natural. And if you’re quick, then that’s what it is. But if you are so busy trying to impress somebody new, then you have to wonder if that is all you have. And if sex is all you have to offer in a relationship,  you don’t have anything. You are pathetic. Just telling you. You suck.

If I’m having sex with someone and the connection is there and I know he really likes me and I like him, I don’t care if the sex is under 5 minutes. Who cares? Especially if you have tons of foreplay. But I guess I just don’t understand the need or the desire to make love all night long. Ok I do get it, especially when you’re in love. But if it’s a new guy and he’s coming with his LIONEL RICHIE all night long stone, I don’t get the point of that. And I don’t think it’s about her at all. I think it’s about his ego. It’s a way to get girls hooked on a particular guy. It’s a guy’s way of forming an emotional and SEXUAL connection to you. How about winning me with your personality and having a good heart and being a good person? Try that.

I went on a site and read from several men who were very excited to say the product does work for them. But the way in which they were using it was purely for selfish reasons. Many of them thought it was the secret to get the up and up on the competition. Yeah but you cheated though.  I value my body too much to have someone taking out all of their aggressions on me. LOL Alright I’ll give you 30 minutes but after that I’m done. Is there an award or some shit at the end of this marathon?

How would you feel if you found out that your partner was using enhancements to get his stamina up? Now yes for an older couple that’s fine to me. Late 60s on up makes perfect sense. Not this toad venom stuff, but Viagra or other medicines like that. But if you’re in your 20s and 40s having to use this stuff, you may have some problems. Maybe you’re a whore who slept around too much and now your shit don’t work.

Maybe you’re out of your league trying to keep up with some young girl when you know you getting old as fuck. There’s nothing wrong with help, but this stuff isn’t safe. It’s caused some side effects and caused death to a man who ingested it. Yes that guy was an idiot for eating it.  Why would you eat?  I would punch this guy if he was alive for being dumb.  It’s been used as an aphrodisiac, but in reality it’s poison. And one must be quite desperate to resort to rubbing this on their skin.

And another thing, I offend easily. If I’m in bed with you and it’s been 3 hours and still nothing from you yet, I’m gonna start thinking you’re fucking whale coochie. That means you’re fucking a tunnel. What does that say about my vagina if it takes hours to get a guy to climax? 😂😂 What does it say about YOUR vagina?

Why not just be honest with your doctor and get something legal? And are there consequences to the woman’s body or female organs if this guy is not applying it properly? I wouldn’t take a chance with it. Would you?