So Quinton Spain and two other men were robbed by voluptuous chicks who they met in the nightclub? Lol so who gives a shit? They don’t respect women anyway and they were looking for a piece of ass. Guys like this think that because they have a little fame and some coins that they can be a douche bag to everyone.


Deputies said that in the past week three men, including an NFL player, have been robbed by two women.

One man told deputies he met a blonde woman last Friday in the bar of an International Drive hotel. The man invited the woman up to his room, she gave him a drink of liquor and he told deputies he woke blacked out.

The man said that when he woke up several watches, his computer, his cash and credit cards were all missing.

The same woman is suspected of stealing a $12,000 Rolex from a man she met in downtown Orlando three days later.

The woman is described as blonde, around 5 feet 4 inches tall, and between 25-30. has a teddy bear tattoo on her chest, tattoo on her stomach that say ‘Greens for money, gold for ___”, scorpion tattoo on her leg, and a tattoo/birth mark behind her right ear.

Both victims said the woman had a southern accent and said she was from Texas.

A second woman is sought in a similar case. Deputies said the woman sought met NFL player Quinton Spain, an offensive lineman for the Tennesse Titans at Playhaus Club.

Spain told the woman he was in town to watch some of his teammates play in the Pro Bowl.

Spain told deputies he does not remember what happened after he drank from a cup the woman gave him.

When Spain woke up at the Marriot Village on Vineland Avenue, he said his $40,000 Rolex, a 40 carat Cuban chain valued at $60,000 and a $13,000 gold chain were all missing.

She is accused of drugging and robbing a man she met at an Orlando nightclub.

The woman is described as light skinned and has a Caribbean accent. She’s between 28 and 35 and was wearing black and gray camo leggings, a black shirt, and a black and red Miami Heat logo cap.



So you want us to care about this shit? Nope don’t care. Look women have been getting raped and drugged since forever. That’s the game and ain’t nothing fair about it. You took a trick back to your place and got tricked. These dudes roll into town looking for some quick action. They are predators looking for easy prey and this time they got Got. I grew up in the hood so I’m used to hearing stories about older men picking up young street girls for sex. The girls would tell the guy to start the shower and she’d join him. While he’s getting all soapy, she’s stealing everything you got. Good for her. These guys are cheaters and some of the lowest scum of the earth. They have wives at home and kids and they are out chasing tail. You never know what they’ll bring back to their unsuspecting spouse.

 Yall meeting strangers at clubs and taking them back to your place? That ain’t the only thing that could have happened. She could have had several armed men rush his ass and beat the shit outta him. The struggle is real and girls are hustling just like the boys.
And ACTUALLY the first person I’m going after on the hunt for a robbery is the person who’s wearing all the jewelry. You are obviously trying to bring attention to yourself with all of your gold and your Rolex watches, so I guess you know that you are a Target. He wanted to wear something that gave him a lot of pull and he got just that.
Celebrities get caught up in this all the time. They get too flashy and instead of walking around like NORMAL society, they try to look elite. Boy please. They got what was coming to them.
Anytime you walk into a club and you’re approached by a girl, it’s game on. You could easily be walking into a trap. The same goes for women. They’ve had time to PLAN. You haven’t. And stop letting people make you drinks! Lol