OK so long time ago there was this little girl named Ericka who was born. She was originally born a man but over time, she became a woman. Lol I’m so lying.

Anyway, about the media. I decided to start blogging because I noticed so many discrepancies in the news and it pissed me off. I hate a lack of information and I love for all details to be disclosed. But what I found in the news was complete deliberate oversights. Intentional misrepresentation. Tons of lies and omissions drowned with click bait material. So I wanted to be the kind of blogger where the REAL stories would come out. I’m taking on Donald Trump. And I dont want to, I have to. I wrote diligently for Obama, so I’m going to write a blog or two as they directly relate to Trump.

Trump has taken a severe beating in the news since he began his campaign. I’m not condoning anything. I wasn’t there and I don’t know what happened between he and his wives or girlfriends or if there are actually any victims who were assaulted by him. All I know is what the media tells me. And unless you are in his circle, you don’t know either. What we do know is what we see or hear.

I spent the other night going over Trump videos and took the time to watch Melania speak on her husband. I’ll be writing about this as well. But after careful consideration, I had a change of heart about Trump. I cannot say what’s true and I hope that if any of the assaults did occur, that he gets the punishment that he deserves.

But he’s the president. Not because of me, but millions voted for him.

This has opened my eyes to see the callous hypocritical, riot inciting media that we have. They CONTROL everything and they can’t be trusted.

I started this blog 4 days ago, but drafted it because I couldn’t come up with what I wanted to convey. But for the sake of argument, read and verify ALL information. I’m disgusted with myself and the whole lot of Democrats and Republicans who jump on board with a bogus story that has no merit and is full of holes.

That is preventable if we researched topics BEFORE writing about them. But we can’t expect mainstream media to participate in this course of action because they have no scruples. They lack decency and any sense of responsibility when it comes to the vomit they spew to the PUBLIC. It’s not right and I would like to see something done about it. My blog has never deliberately made a false claim against anyone. I’ve been tossing out theories for years. But if I put out a post or story that says TRUMP IS BANNING MUSLIMS,. I’d be a real piece of shit. Because it’s not true. Wordage is everything. And we need to take notice of what we publish.

I had a glitch in my blog before because of 3rd hand knowledge and it stings when you’re caught. I’m known for trying to create catchy titles that are comical. That’s because I want you to know what the story is. But if I say, Mosques everywhere in the world are being targeted by racist whites and they are being set ablaze. That’s a lie. But if my title mentioned a particular mosque and I speculated that it could be racist whites because the center of the story Came from Texas, I wouldn’t be wrong.

It’s like since they can’t go into detail, they give out false information just to get your click. Anything to grab your attention. But it’s at a hearty cost. Someone’s reputation is on the line. They didn’t do this with Obama. Yeah we heard the traditional, he’s gonna take our guns, but legitimate news sources spilling out fear mongering antics? This is deplorable. And that is what I’m ashamed of.

Everyone is filled with so much anger and contempt but it’s not warranted. There’s literally NOTHING GOING ON. And people are acting like it’s the end of the world.

Please calm down. I just wish everyone could see what I see. I just wish you could see that it’s all about propaganda and making this country out to be something it’s not. The media has its hands in everything. They make you, then they break you.