Guys these last few days have been outrageous. Today I’m hating that I’m a blogger. Like really. Because I don’t like what I’m seeing in the news. I hate when every headline is chaotic and stressful!

Are you old enough to remember Calgon? It’s a commercial where a woman is in desperate need of an escape. And this luxurious body wash and bubble bath is supposed to do the trick. Well guys I need that right now. Like I’m starting to feel more displaced. I’m starting to feel like an unwanted stepchild.

I don’t want anything in my life but to feel SAFE. I just wanna be able to do what I want without fear. I’m completely becoming paralyzed by this stuff. I’m not Christian or Muslim, but I can feel the tension in the air. It’s like a calm before the storm. I’m feeling like a child who is standing between her arguing mother and father and just feeling helpless. Everyone is fighting and screaming and I’m just like, GUYS JUST ACCEPT EACH OTHER AND RESPECT DIFFERENCES.

Today I’m so concerned about a Religious war. The Christians against the Muslims. And I’m trying to figure out a way to run away from Earth. My entire message since becoming Atheist has been tolerance. The only reason I attack religion is because I know the damage that it’s doing to humanity. I personally don’t care what you believe, it’s not my business. But when it starts to spill over outside of your home and into government and the streets, then you are screwing with my serenity. That’s all I want.

The burden of this election is starting to weigh on folks. The realization of what was elected is starting to permeate minds.

We don’t know what we’ve done as a country and we can’t take it back. Are you finding yourself engulfed in this? Have you been protesting at airports? Have you been making signs that read, LET THEM IN? I’m not going to touch this issue at all in my private life. I’m not going to be responsible for who stays or goes. I’m not going to be responsible for who is denied or who is granted access.

All I want is peace in my life and some sort of normalcy. Is that too much to ask? I’m not on any side! And I don’t want to be some nameless casualty who was caught at the wrong location. I wanna say we are better than this. But we really aren’t. We really suck.

Having a dialogue present about religion and respect needs to be addressed. I do not know why the US hasn’t suffered any more attacks. We are lucky. We brag about freedom, but when someone DIFFERENT moves here, we are the first to thwart their efforts to feel included. Because We DONT WANT THEM HERE. And so when they have a celebration in the streets, we intervene by staging a rally for Jesus. Just like in Dearborn Michigan. 2012 there was an Arab festival. Several Christian preachers showed up with signs that read, ISLAM IS A FALSE RELIGION. Really guys? Did you have to show your love for Jesus right then and there? Why couldn’t they let them be? Because they don’t want them here.  What happened was A weird stoning occurrence from Muslims and Christians started it. Muslims were throwing stones and so were the Christians. Literally stones.


8 years ago I started talking about racism and radicalism in both religions. They are one in the same. And there’s no escaping it. I’d have to create a whole new world just for myself to get away from it all. The deep rooted hatred is rearing its head and Trump opened the box.

Was he wrong for discussing the elephant in the room? Should he have stayed silent like the rest of the president’s before him regarding the tension and act like it doesn’t exist? Who knows? What’s done is done. He won the presidency and that means that the majority of Americans agreed with him. We can talk about the popular vote, but he won and he didn’t win with manipulating and deception. He won by telling the truth.

Go back and watch the videos. He’s clear about his intentions. I’m at a loss and there ain’t a blog in the world that’ll save us. I don’t like this. As a country we are so divided. I used to pride myself on being Christian, Black, turned Atheist, but now I’m just proud to be me. There’s ugly in every group. I can’t say I’m proud to be American, look at us. We suck. We are just coming undone and it sucks ass to be here right now. I finally understand segregation. I want to yell, EVERYBODY TO YOUR CORNERS! I digress. I hate religion, I hate division and subtraction, but love multiplication. Lol

I want to be a good person. Don’t you? Don’t you just want to be happy and healthy?