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The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is frustrated because of an arrest warrant that they received.

So uhh this story is so funny I had to stop writing three times just so I can laugh my ass off. It’s literally 6:02 a.m. and I’m awake In the mood to talk. Everyone in my house is asleep.

I have a crock pot of chicken cooking and rice.

I can’t think of how I’d feel as a correction officer and finding these stupid items in someone’s booty hole. That’s just gross.

Apparently the officer reported that Jason Littleton managed to stuff a carton of cigarettes, a tire Guage, and a broken glass pipe up his ass. Lol now I don’t know about you but I don’t exactly know what my cavity could hold, but I’m certain it can’t hold a carton of cigarettes. Nor would it ever want to. I’m pretty sure that it would definitely reject the broken glass pipe. But the tire Guage? For what? Who needs this stuff? What am I missing? What was he trying to Guage?

Anyway it turns out that the officer Shandie Owenby misspoke and it should not have stated that it came from his cavity, but indeed on him. In actuality, the pipe was near his crack, the cigarettes were underneath his testicals, and the tire Guage lol 😂😂😂 I just can’t.


How do you mess this up? Oh my bad it’s ON his person, not IN his cavity. How long are these things? I like the little keychain clamp. I’m wondering what type he had.

{But according to a MCSO report, during a search, deputies found a carton of cigarettes in his pants under his groin area, a pack of cigarettes in a pant leg and a crack pipe that had fallen from his buttocks area. It does not mention a tire gauge but says the items that were recovered were given to Officer Owenby.

After a story based on the arrest warrant was published online, Clarksville Police Chief Al Ansley said he had spoken to the officer who wrote the affidavit for the arrest warrant and confirmed that she was mistaken about where the items were found.}

I don’t know why it matters especially if it was contraband and illegal. But you know what they say about real estate, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Haha I crack myself up!

{“Her saying they were inside his anal cavity, that was incorrect,” Ansley said Friday afternoon. “She miswrote this. She is a new officer and is being corrected as we speak. It’s our mistake and I own it.”}

MCSO Spokeswoman Sandra Brandon said the arrest warrant, written and signed by CPD Officer Shandie Owenby, was incorrect and that the items were found inside the inmate’s clothing.

“Based on our search, when he was booked into our jail, the contraband items were found on Mr. Littleton and not inside him,” she said.

The arrest warrant, which was filed with the Montgomery County General Sessions Court, said Jason Dondi Littleton, 35, was arrested early Thursday morning behind a Mapco on Tiny Town Road.

According to the arrest warrant, Clarksville Police were called to the store by an employee who said Littleton had been had been inside the gas station for approximately four hours and that he saw Littleton take a carton of Newports and leave the gas station.

Officers arrived and found Littleton behind the store next to dumpsters, and, after running his name through a computer system, found that authorities had received a report of Littleton trespassing at the Mapco on Jan. 18, according to police reports.

Officers searched Littleton at the scene but did not find any cigarettes. He was charged with criminal trespassing and taken to the Montgomery County Jail.