OK so I wanted to talk about a touchy subject for a while now. In the next week many blogs will be coming from the same angle. It’ll be questioning the way you think and challenging you to think outside the box.

I’ll be answering two questions

  • What is the bill that Trump signed and what it means for you
  • Why we are still fighting a law that’s already settled

We just had a huge election where millions are upset that Donald Trump won. And many hate Hillary Clinton so much they’d rather vote for Satan himself.

So you pride yourself on being ProChoice right?  Pro choice is basically it’s a woman’s right to do with her body during pregnancy as she pleases and Pro life,  you’re against abortion altogether or you’re a little more relaxed and feel that abortion may be necessary in certain cases.

From a religious standpoint…

Let’s talk about God first. He’s supposedly the creator of all things good and evil. He created Satan,  he created the Tree of Knowledge, he created forbidden fruits but all of those things were created with strict guidelines.  You were to adhere to certain behaviors and you’d avoid consequence. Now let’s talk Adam and Eve. Naturally they’d be drawn to the tree because they were told NOT to eat from it. But we can blame Satan if it’ll make you feel better. Even though I don’t think eating from a tree of knowledge is a bad thing.  But even in all the things that humanity is forbidden to partake of, we still want what we can’t have. Is abortion something we need?

Are you against abortion and if so, Is it because you feel that all life is precious no matter how it’s packaged? Do you feel it’s because god is the final judge and that we are not to take a life?

Well why would god who knows ALL before we were created allow Adolf Hitler to be born? Is this a flaw?  If he knew that this baby would grow up and be responsible for killing millions and turning entire countries upside down with hatred,  why would he let him live? Free Will?

One of the major arguments that arise when debating Abortion is,  GOD HAS A PLAN FOR EVERYONE. So we feel that its not our duty to do away with his creations nor alter his plans.  And while we are speaking on Satan, if I were god, that’s the first thing I’d get rid of. Obviously he’s a problem

But do you agree with what you’ve been taught? Can you say with a clear conscience that you’d allow Adolf to live regardless of his future?  When I was a believer I used to envision god with this video camera mind where he’s able to capture certain elements of our minds and peer into our destiny,  but that he’d never change anything because of FREE WILL. Meaning he wanted us in our natural state.

But that can’t be true. He really wants you to change. Like really really fix yourself and get right in order to go to heaven.  And a man like Hitler wouldn’t make it in.

But that’s not complete because then you have Jesus.  And he came to save you from your sins.  So even now it’s possible that Adolf could be beside you in heaven… If you believe in it.

So why are we against it?  Why is that the FIRST order of business that Trump signed when he got into office? Every news source who is still covering the first 100 days of Trump is highlighting The Abortion Bill.


Let’s talk about the Bill. Read carefully…


Trump reinstated the Mexico City policy, also known as the global gag rule, which was first put in place by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. It prohibits giving U.S. funding to international nongovernmental organizations that offer or advise on a wide range of family planning and reproductive health options if they include abortion ― even if U.S. dollars are not specifically used for abortion-related services.

The United States spends about $600 million a year on international assistance for family planning and reproductive health programs, making it possible for 27 million women and couples to access contraceptive services and supplies.

None of that money is spent on performing abortions. The Helms amendment has prevented U.S. tax dollars from funding overseas abortions since 1973. Proponents of the global gag rule believe the policy is nevertheless still necessary, arguing that Helms isn’t strong enough by itself.

Have you heard anything about the Mexico City Policy? And do you believe that it relates to the US?

Intermittent US government policy that requires foreign non-governmental organizations that receive federal funding to refrain from performing or promoting abortion services with non-US government funds in other countries

The Mexico City policy is an intermittent United States government policy that requires all foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that receive federal funding to refrain from performing or providing counseling on abortion services as a method of family planning in other countries. From 1973 on, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has followed the Helms Amendment ruling, banning the use of U.S. government funds to provide abortion as a method of family planning anywhere in the world.

The policy is a political flashpoint in the abortion debate, with Republican administrations adopting it and Democratic administrations rescinding it. The policy was enacted by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1984, rescinded by Democratic President Bill Clinton in January 1993, re-instituted in January 2001 as Republican President George W. Bush took office, rescinded on January 23, 2009 as Democratic President Barack Obama took office and reinstated on January 23, 2017 as Republican President Donald Trump assumed the office. It has been referred to by critics as the “Mexico City gag rule” or the “global gag rule”. ( I copied and pasted this stuff) lol I’m not this smart.

Didn’t you read that right? THAT is what Trump signed in a nutshell. And it’s not even talking about the United States. He didn’t just sign a bill to prevent American women from having abortions. He didn’t just block planned Parenthood. Yet people are so frustrated that this was his first order of business. But as you see above, they ALL have a choice whether or not they want to fund NON GOVERNMENTAL OVERSEAS OR MEXICO ABORTIONS. So if someone goes to a government run facility, then they’d be allowed services if the US made provisions financially. And they do.

OK that’s out the way. Back to killing Baby Hitler.  You know I hate a difference of opinions. I wish everyone thought like me because I’m so awesome!!! OK anyway. Why can’t we agree on whether abortion is legal or illegal? Because that’s exactly what the overall point surrounds. Abortion is LEGAL in the United States. Read that again, it’s Legal here. And nobody will overturn Roe Vs Wade. I DON’T CARE how much they brag during their campaign, it’s SETTLED. So why did I read a comment yesterday that received thousands of LIKES on a story like this? The guy was upset that women voted for Trump and set us girls back hundreds of years. But in reality what he did was sign a document that’s been signed every 4 years and it’s the discretion of the president at the time. I did NOT vote for Trump. Truth be told, I didn’t vote for anyone. I couldn’t in good conscience decide. I just couldn’t. Once again, I would have voted for Sanders.

But I’m a little perturbed with our attitude towards other countries when it comes to this topic. Personally I don’t feel it’s any of our business. But for the sake of argument, if we are going to fund you, then I guess we can put stipulations on how you spend our money. No?  When we decide what we think most best for a woman, we take away the freedoms that we were all born IN TO. We were all born free and created equal…Well, I’m a Little Bit above you guys in the nose area. But why are we STILL DEBATING THIS ABORTION THING? We can’t be DEBATING it for OUR countries sake. So are we really upset about women in other countries? Like do we really need to get all up In their business?

Let’s say Baby Hitler was in some poor woman’s womb and she was not interested in having this baby. But lo and behold here we come marching to the rescue. We start to convince her about God’s will and purpose for her unborns life. We start convincing her that it’s better that she try and love her baby and we force her to hear little Hitler’s heartbeat. She’s still adamant about having the abortion, but we say NO. WE FORCE her to carry full term and out he comes. Mommy falls in love. Well he grows up to become what we all know him for. Do you think that Mom will have regrets? I know I would. Nobody wants to give birth to a monster. And if we had any insight as to who we were birthing into this already fucked up world, I guarantee you, we’d choose to abort plenty.

I look at some of the men in the world today and think, oh GOODNESS, the horror. I’m telling you, fucked up dad, fucked up kids. Lol it’s true. And if momma and daddy crazy, poor child. Because we don’t know what to expect from each child, we welcome all children. But what if the mother herself was using a distinct intuition about her baby? What if she knew instinctively that this baby wasn’t going to be a good person? No one has a better connection with a baby than the mother. Even if all of her maternal instincts haven’t kicked in. She’s still aware of what she’s carrying. And a lot of times, her decision to abort has EVERYTHING to do with the man she was impregnated by. Based on his character alone, she makes that decision. Yeah we could argue about premarital sex and grill the girl on keeping her legs closed or using protection, but what’s the difference at this point?

In Mexico young girls are raped incessantly, so there was a need to intervene especially in a country so poor, the girls would have very few options. The age of consent is 12. And I find that inhumane. No girl is ready at 12. NO GIRL IS READY AT 12!  So although I don’t think it’s our business, I respect our country for helping, ESPECIALLY since they settled the law here. The LAW IS SETTLED!

Are we becoming a country that moves away from god or are we moving closer? If the all powerful god in which millions rely upon is willing to let a Hitler baby slip through the cracks, then who are we to complain? Well GOD doesn’t live down here. He didn’t do anything to stop Hitler’s uprising, so he can’t say shit in my opinion. Mankind has to deal with whatever the womb presents and to me if a woman is saying I WANT AN ABORTION, give it to her. We are over populated. And everything that is good is being done. We have everything we need. We don’t need more people, we need the people who are already here to step up and have courage. We need the folks that are here to take responsibility for this earth. And they are. We are making great strides. We are created for this earth, not the other way around.

In this country we are still debating and fighting wars that have already been won. And that keeps us from discussing CURRENT issues. Who cares if you don’t agree with abortion? It’s a done deal. We no longer have to question whether we’d kill baby Hitler because we have the freedoms to do so.

Did you understand why Baby Hitler was involved?