Below is the account from the woman’s mouth herself about how things went down the evening that Broque disappeared. I’m grateful that she decided to share her story with me. Below it is unedited. Hopefully answers will come soon to explain how he died.



Hi I am the woman that he left his
stuff with  I am not married and no boyfriends no
drama  him and I met for a couple days and some of
Kaylas information is not correct because one  she was
not there where it happened and I talked to the sister Bri
more than her    I had embarrassed him in front of
my friends the last night we saw each other and we called
truce  it wasnt like a huge arguement  we werent
yelling or anything like that  but I did say some
things that made him sound like he was gay for dope aka
meth  anyhow after calling truce we left my friends and
went to my apartment  we showered had sex again and
then I was going to try and get 2 hours of sleep before I
had to take him back to his sister bri’s house  I wake
up to him asking me in an angry tone why I shamed him and
how could I do this to him. I said first off you shamed
yourself I said on top of it who cares broque and he kept
saying I shamed him  I finally said get dressed and I
am taking you to your sisters now instead of at
730am   this all happened by 6am  he
gets dressed asked me where his pants were I said I had no
idea  I didnt carry them in  he was wearing my
friends shorts from my friends place we were at right before
we got to mine.  so he goes downstairs and I am almost
ready to walk down stairs and I hear my door open and then
slammed shut real loud. I come downstairs thinking he went
to my truck and he took off  there was nothing so I go
back inside figured he would come back I go upstairs and
notice his phone is there but it has a lock on it at this
point I still didnt know about the pants and hat being in my
kitchen until literally the following day which was a
thursday him and I met tuesday morning at midnight. he shot
up meth the first night we met and the second time we met he
was just smoking it and I am more of a pot head but will
partake in others occasionally which I did smoke some with
him  so I am thinking during my sleep that he was
planning on leaving like that. The next day I get home from
work and Bri his sister and her husband were supposed to
meet up with me to try and look in my neighborhood
well they never showed up or called and I didnt have her
number just her address from when I would pick him up. when
I didnt hear from them I figured they filed a missing
persons report so I might as well bring this stuff to him. I
didnt find his pants and hat until thursday when we were
supposed to look for him so I knew then he only had shorts
shoes and a red and black flannel   when I
saw bri call his cell phone I answered immediately and told
her what happened  they said he does this all the time
and that he is suicidal  again I talked to Bri more
than anyone else. I go over there and introduce myself and
told them to give the detectives all my info since I was the
last person to see him. since day 2 of him missing I had
called every day multiple times the jails and hospitals
trying to find him  I even drove through my
neighborhood as much as I could. The following one week
after his disappearance the detectives called me in wanting
to meet  they met me at my apartment to make sure he
wasnt hiding there or if there was any foul play I have
cooperated with them 100% a couple days later after they
came to my apartment they wanted me to come in the station
for a recorded interview  I was there for 2.5
hours  by that time they had broques phone and new what
was on it   I never lied to the police and
detectives at all  Broque and I hit it off
instantly  we all have a past, but he had broken up with
crystal when he came down here to va to visit  he had
told me about his situation with her and how he didnt want
any more kids  it sounded to me she was setting him up
getting pregnant all the time  anyhow the police asked
me to take a lie detector test and if they could go through
my phone and of course I said bring it on.


Broque Cockrums obituary details are below

Broque William Cockrum, age 25, died while visiting his sisters in Norfolk, Virginia. He was the much-loved son of Karen Masterson Cockrum of Natick and Robert A. Cockrum of Ponca City, Okla. Born in Natick, Broques family relocated with his Dads military career. After several years living at Fort Meade in Maryland, the Cockrums were transferred to Hanscom Air Force Base. While there, Broque attended Bedford High School and in 2011 joined the Army. A member of a ground/air fire clearance command and a paratrooper, he was last stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Broque returned to Natick in 2015, and had been working as a mason in the MetroWest area since that time. Broque was a loving, caring, and devoted father, son, brother, uncle, and friend. Proud of his military service, he was also a great fan of both the Patriots and Bruins. Broques smile and beautiful soul will be forever missed. In addition to his parents, Broque is survived by five children, Christian, age 7, Kaylee, age 5, Brooklyn, age 3, Lucas, age 1, and Mason who is 3 months old; two sisters, Bri-Ann Dixon and her husband Connor, and Kayla M. Cockrum, all of Norfolk, Va.; His nephew Liam and niece Nicolette; grandparents Sandra Masterson of Framingham, Paul and Denise Shimanek of Wichita, Kas., and Jonece and Mark Thorpe of Ponca City, Okla.; and many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. His service will be in the John Everett & Sons Funeral Home, 4 Park Street at Natick Common, on Thursday, January 26, at 1:00 p.m. Burial will follow at Saint Patrick Cemetery, Natick. Relatives and friends may visit with Broques family prior to the service from 11:00 a.m. until 12:45 p.m. Donations in Broques memory may be made to the Natick Needy Veterans Fund, 117 East Central Street, Natick, MA 01760.

The purpose of this ENTIRE story on Broque was to tell his story. To clarify and bring truth to light. There’s been SPECULATION even from yours truly about what possibly happened. And it’s not fair to present only one side of things. I don’t know her name or anything personal about her. That’s her choice to state who she is. His burial is scheduled for tomorrow. I’m not sure if they are working to determine how he died, but not having answers would be a horrible misfortune. Every family deserves to know. Are they withholding information? I don’t know. Time will tell.

All I can think of when looking at this photo is what happened? 

What happened to Him to lead him down the path he chose? If the statement above is true, it’s so disappointing. He had such a promising future.