60-year-old Florida woman has pleaded guilty to pretending to be blind for more than a decade to receive veterans disability benefits of nearly $400,000, investigators said.

Veronica Dale Hahn, of Bonifay, entered the guilty plea Friday in Panama City federal court.


Hahn is accused of convincing Veterans Health Administration staff and private doctors that her service-related injury caused nearly complete blindness in both eyes from 2001 to 2016, court documents say.

Within a year of receiving her disability benefits, though, investigators reported that Hahn had obtained drivers licenses in New Mexico, Alabama and Florida with no vision restrictions.

“Hahn was also observed driving her personal automobile on numerous occasions,” a media release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. “She also worked full time as a case manager and transition counselor at several state correctional facilities.

“All of which required normal eyesight to perform her duties.”

Hahn entered the guilty plea after two days of  jury trial, officials said.

When she is sentenced on April 13, Hahn could face up to 10 years in prison.

Now let me get this straight. This greedy heifer was getting money from our government for a fake disability?  How do you convince doctors that you are blind?  I swore there were tests that could be taken to test your vision. 

But this chick was so dumb about it. And she’s fucking it up for veterans who really need the help. And also for people with real disabilities. I find it disgusting. 

So instead of just getting the benefits and living off of it in modesty,  she got scandalous and decided to work for the government?  Did she not realize that these agencies are tied together? Was she too dumb to realize that she wasn’t in MEXICO but NEW MEXICO and thought she had crossed the border?  

That stupid con artist was making $40,000 a year.  $3,300 a month just to sit on her fat ass and she still wasn’t grateful?  If I saw her I’d want to gouge her eyes out.