OK so I’ve been loving Wawa since it came to town.  Especially their breakfast sandwiches.  But the other day I went there and purchased a grilled chicken salad.  Lol omg the salad container was the size of a McDonald’s Value size that’s like $1.49 . But at WAWA I paid close to $5.00 for mine. The salad was so small I had to ask for ANOTHER container with lettuce because my lettuce was withered because a hot chicken breast was put on top. 

Then I order traditional custom steak sub.  10 inch. This is a sandwich I’ve been eating for a year.  Well  NOT ANYMORE!  Omg the meat that they USED to put in it was a fair amount. The last three Times I’ve visited DIFFERENT locations,  they were all skimpy. I could taste more bread than anything. They need to be ashamed of themselves. For a sandwich that costs $6.00 on up and that’s the best that they can do?  Wawa, suck my dick!  I’m not going back to your store for subs anymore.  You’re ripping people off.  I’ll continue to visit for the coffee deals and breakfast,  but y’all need to stop skimming on the BACON TOO.  Any breakfast sandwich with bacon is like two slices, Maybe 3. Stop it!  There’s plenty places to go for good food and y’all used to be one of my favorites.  

Look I take my food seriously.  And I take my money seriously too.  I was reading somewhere that corporate told them to start cutting back.  Well cut back on the price bitches!  Because paying for less isn’t cute. 

There’s nothing like feeling robbed at the gas station.  See for you guys who think I’m making too big a deal,  and you think it’s just a gas station,  it’s not.  They have a great food section there that USED to cater to blue collar workers,  white collar folks,  and greedy fuckers like me. But I’m certain that their business will be declining if they keep this foolishness up. I’m all about a bargain and I NEVER liked their sub bread unless it was on a steak sub. But now?  Oh no.  No more chances for them.