OK so he went to court and well he decided to show his ass.  But what’s he supposed to do?

Now many of you will say he gets what he deserves. But an Ariel view of the arrest is being tossed around all over the net that shows officers CLEARLY kicking the shit out of a defenseless Loyd.  I’m not talking about a man with guns. He’d already surrendered his guns. Every news report says so.  So why beat him up?  Because they could. As you can see, Dylan Roof had NO INJURIES. The video of the LOYD APPREHENSION BELOW…





Look I’m all for Justice. I’m cool with it.  And I understand restraining someone because they are resisting arrest. But he wasn’t resisting. He crawled out of the house. Dropped his guns and surrendered.  Matter of fact one officer stated that he gave up like a little Bitch.  So why does he look like this?



Here’s a story from his court appearance.

Markeith Loyd,  accused of fatally shooting his pregnant ex-girlfriend and an Orlando police officer said he will defend himself Thursday morning during a profanity-filled first appearance before a judge.

Wearing a green padded vest and bandages covering his left eye Markeith Loyd appeared before Orange County Judge Jeanette Dejuras Bigney.

Loyd refused to fill out an application for a public defender and when the judge asked him about his decision Loyd said “It don’t matter.”

The judge denied Loyd’s bond for his first-degree murder charges and ordered him not to make contact with any witnesses and victims.

The murder suspect accused authorities of “making up” allegations against him.

Loyd also claimed no one helped him while he was on the run.

“I didn’t receive nothing from nobody,” he said. “I was out there by myself. How in the hell anybody helping me do anything? I went to Walmart myself to buy food wasn’t anybody doing nothing for me.”

In an outburst as he was leaving the room, Loyd cursed at the judge repeatedly and accused authorities of beating him.

“They done took my eye.They broke my nose they broke my jaw they did all this s– said I resisted,” Loyd said. “I didn’t resist s–. They just did that s– and they’re trying to hide it from the news people. But I’m here right now.”

Loyd has been charged with first-degree murder with a firearm, unlawful killing of an unborn child, attempted first degree-murder with a firearm and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm in connection with the Dec. 13 shooting death of 24-year-old Sade Dixon in Pine Hills.

Dixon’s mother was in court Wednesday to see the man accused of killing her daughter.

“I could not believe what I saw in the courtroom,” Stephanie Dixon-Daniels told News 6. “It just shows his ignorance, but justice is going to prevail.”

Dixon-Daniels said she was frustrated but not surprised by what she saw and heard from Loyd.

“I have to keep my composure and be strong for her children and for myself,” Dixon-Daniels said.

So that’s the clean version.

The actual version he tells the judge,  FUCK YOU!  The original story…

An unusual first court appearance, Markeith Loyd, the man accused of killing an Orlando police officer, said he plans to represent himself and yelled “f— you!” to the judge as he left the room.

Most defendants appear with an attorney and remain silent the first time they go before a judge, but Loyd was combative and used profane language while offering a defense to his accused crimes.

Judge Jeanette Dejuras Bigney attempted to stop Loyd from talking and reminded him that everything he said was being recorded.

Loyd, 41, said he understood and continued, saying police were “making up s–t, like I just went in there and shot this girl,” referring to the night his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon was shot to death.

“Yall portraying this s–t to the news people like I just went there and shot this girl when there were other guns found on the scene,” he said. “…A gun was pulled on me first, but y’all acting like I just went there and shot her.”

Ok now I took a while off because I’ve been holding my tongue in this case, but I just can’t do it anymore. I gotta say what needs to be said.  Who the fuck do these people think they are? So I’m sitting down reading the transcript of the mother and the son discussing this case, and let me tell you, I am Not buying this bullshit. Now according to the news Markeiths son was in jail at the time of this recording. But you can’t tell me that this conversation is normal.


Markeith Loyd Jr.: “Oh yeah, she’s going through it right now with my daddy, and that situation. The officers be talking to me about my daddy.

Mother: “Oh yeah? What they told you?

Markeith Loyd Jr.: “They just asked did I hear about it, like, a whole bunch of officers asked me that already. My attorney was like, ‘Oh I heard it on the news and I thought it was you,’ and I was like oh my God, no way, and it just, a bunch of stuff. One of them (the officers) said a little slick comment, like, ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree huh?’” (laughs)

Mom: “Oh that was funny to you?”

Markeith Loyd Jr.: “Yeah it was funny because he was just joking. I know he was joking.”

Mom: “What they told you happened?”

Markeith Loyd Jr.: “They just asked me did I, they asked did I hear what happened.  They didn’t tell me what happened because I already know, I seen it on the news.  It replayed on the news like five nights in a row.”

Mom: “What you seen on the news?”

Markeith Loyd Jr. “My daddy was on the news.”

Mom: “For what?”

Markeith Loyd Jr.: “For killing that girl.  One of his girlfriends.”

Mom: “The police too.”

Markeith Loyd Jr. “He killed the police too?”

Mom: “Yesterday.”

Markeith Loyd Jr.: “Yesterday?  I knew he was fitting to start doing that. Where at?”

Mom: “Walmart.”

Markeith Loyd Jr.: “He got away?”

Mom: “Yes.”

Markeith Loyd Jr.: ”I figured that too. He just can’t kill people that’s at Walmart, he gotta do it smarter than that. I know there ain’t no smarter way to do it, that’s just dumb. What’s he doing at Walmart anyway? He a criminal.”

Mom: “Exactly.”

Markeith Loyd Jr.: “That chaplain today told me I gotta be the one to remove this curse. He knew my daddy too and he knew my grandma. He was here when my daddy was here. My daddy told me Jesus ain’t real.  He (chaplain) told me I listened to my daddy and he was on that stuff when he was here.  The bible also say love your parents and stuff. Stuff like that.”

Markeith Loyd Jr.: “I got 20 days down here.”

Markeith Loyd Jr.: “Man that man out there causing trouble to the world. Is that good guy and a bad guy. Like I’m both right now. I’m a good guy and a bad guy.”


What the hell is this mess? Who got to this family? Are you trying to tell me that black ghetto people talk like this? You done lost your rabid mind. This is a fucking script! And I wanna know whose idea this shit was. Lol

So my attitude about calling him these silly names like callous and disrespectful is the same. I’m not getting into that. For one, HE’S A CRIMINAL. He doesn’t give a fuck. So his attitude in court is exactly what it’s supposed to be. If you’re going to prison or facing the possibility of the death penalty, why the fuck would you be timid with the judge? You’re supposed to be an asshole. What’s the point of being shy? Its not going to change a thing. He could repent to a god PUBLICLY and people will still Yell, STONE HIM or HANG HIM! So he might as well stay true to the game until the end.

I don’t like the idea of beating him down, especially if they are doing it because of a cop. But what’s strange is this. He has NOT been charged with killing the cop yet, so are we beating and innocent man? I thought we were innocent until proven guilty. He’s a murder SUSPECT. We have NO PROOF that he killed the officer. We have no video that shows HIM. If there is video, it would show a man shooting an officer, but is that man Loyd? I’m not saying it’s not him, but at the same time, where’s the proof? FDLE is saying that they won’t be charging him until they have substantial evidence that HE IN FACT is responsible for the death of the officer. So… We wait for proof.


Was Loyd set up? I don’t know. I ask this question because of the doctored transcript from his son and his baby momma. They were convicting him in their statements. Why?


The Ariel view CLEARLY SHOWS that he literally CRAWLED from the inside of the house to the sidewalk and then onto the public street. Whatever weapons he had on him were left at least 25 feet away from him. But during the view, THEY MOVED THE CAMERA as not to show what they were doing. As the officers approached him, all of a sudden the angle changes and they beat the shit outta him.

He was flat on the ground, and absolutely no danger to anyone. Was this fair? Was this right? They claim that he resisted arrest, but maybe he couldn’t see because Yall fucked up his eye!

A story about Markeith on the run was shared by a local Florida news station and in that article the cops were wondering why nobody would trust them with turning him over to LE. THEY were surprised because no one was willing to claim the$125,000 reward. Umm duh bitch. We don’t trust you. We don’t have faith in you. We don’t like you. Of course we’re not going to tell you anything. If I saw him in public I’d keep my mouth shut. The Police department is full of corruption and lies. It’s full of discrimination and retaliation. If I’m sick I wouldn’t even call them. Just my luck I’ll get SHOT! They have no training on how to do anything but shoot and beat people down. I used to look at blacks who quoted ” snitches get stitches”, but now, I AIN’T SAYIN SHIT! I’m all for reporting crimes that I see, but if it’s a situation and I don’t know or have the facts, silence is golden.

If I see a black man running, it’s just a black man running trying to catch the bus. I don’t care if he’s got money falling from his jacket because he just robbed a bank or he’s got a TV on his shoulder. My lips are sealed.

Most black people feel the same damn way. We had enough of these killer cops last year, but because one of theirs gets killed, I’m supposed to care? No sir. I don’t care at all. Her funeral will be grander than mine, so fuck that. She should have waited for back up instead of playing GI Jane. When I see that overhaul in the law enforcement arena, then I’ll start giving two shits. Until then, it don’t matter what race you are. To me, it’s just another dead cop. I don’t care if you have 10 adopted kids, oh well. All these black men, hell they killed innocent children last year too. Even a little white boy. Fucking idiots! And in the video they are walking around the van TRYING to come up with a solid story to tell. But the truth is, they killed that boy and the father was innocent of Any wrong doing.

“That car was not being used as a deadly weapon at that time,” District Court Judge William Bennett declared after viewing the body cam footage. “I daresay it was not even close to being used as a deadly weapon at that time.”

Due to the fact that the audio was turned off for nearly 30 seconds, the first gunshots cannot be heard. Police Lt. Derrick Stafford and Officer Greenhouse callously fired 18 shots into the vehicle, placing Few in critical condition and killing his 6-year-old autistic son.

Diagnosed with autism at the age of two, Jeremy Mardis had been sitting in the front passenger seat wearing his seatbelt next to his father. According to State Police detective Owens, three of the bullet fragments recovered from Mardis’ body came from Stafford’s gun while a fourth fragment remained inconclusive.

At the end of the newly released footage, Sgt. Parnell reported shots fired over the radio without ever firing his own weapon. On Wednesday, the court was allowed to watch the remaining 14 minutes depicting Few and his innocent son’s gruesome bullet wounds.

“I never saw a kid in the car, man,” Stafford reportedly said in the unedited version. “I never saw a kid, bro.”

Roughly seven minutes after the shooting, Parnell checked Mardis’ body for a pulse before muttering, “Oh, my God.”

Charged with second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder, Greenhouse and Stafford await separate trials for shooting a man with his hands in the air and murdering his autistic son. Stafford’s trial is scheduled for November 28, while Greenhouse is expected to begin trial in March.


I’m not just the blogger for black people. I write for everyone. Injustice is INJUSTICE! It’s good to see that justice is being sought in this case.

Let’s see if anything is done for the police brutality in the Loyd case.