OK yes I’m a dreamer alright! And if I catch you acting up in my dreams, I’m going to beat you up when I get up. It’s not my fault, it’s yours. You shouldn’t be invading my space. I think that’s pretty rational.

I read that the dreams we have are speaking to the sub conscious mind. And that perhaps your fears and insecurities are coming through. But what if they are real? What if bitches are really cheating? Is it wrong to wake up and choke the shit outta them? So one time my ex claimed that he was fighting with monsters in his dream. All I know is that he put me in the headlock! I WAS sleeping good, until he tried to kill me! We still laugh about it today. I survived. But This guy in this story was wide awake. Or was he? Maybe he was hungover. Maybe he had more than alcohol before he went to sleep. Ambien has been known to cause strange or crazy nightmares or dreams. So maybe it was a case like that.

Are we held accountable for crimes that we commit in our sleep? Because I’m thinking that I’ll be diagnosed with sleep walking real soon. I need it. And alcohol doesn’t make me braver. It makes me emotional. But I’m usually angry when I sleep, so that’s the perfect opportunity to kill someone.

Now I just gotta work on my defense. I’m just wondering if I drive to the exact location via the interstate and make the correct exit, then travel to the apartment and knock on the Apt 91 C door, will I be able to say I was asleep the entire time?

Don’t even try to tell me you never had a dream about your boo cheating or some other trifling thing, and you were forced to slap him in the neck.

EYNON, Pa. (AP) — Police say a Pennsylvania man tried to strangle his wife after he woke up from a dream in which she was cheating on him.

Archibald police say 49-year-old Conrad Rudalavage had been drinking before he fell asleep, then woke up Saturday convinced that his wife was unfaithful.

Police say he attacked, choked and threatened to kill her until his teenage daughter intervened and tried to call 911. Police say he then attacked the daughter.

Police say the girl was able to escape and run to neighbors for help. The neighbor helped pull Rudalavage off his wife, who was treated for bruises and other injuries to her face, head and neck.

Rudalavage remained jailed on attempted homicide and other charges Thursday. His attorney didn’t immediately return a call.