I have been looking for something like this that will stimulate my kitty cat. OK that’s nasty. Let me try this again. I’ve been searching for information that would pertain to a necessary stimuli for my woman parts. Better?

So if you’re actually in a relationship and not a horny unfulfilled, single chick with carpal tunnel because my hands are sore… girl like myself, here’s something you can do about your sex drive. We all could use a pick me up. Right?? Or left?


Eat some spinach! That’s right, eat, chew it, shove it up your ass, let it dry out and roll it in a blunt and smoke it, either way it’s GREAT. It has magnesium, and it increases blood flow. 😉 Hint hint 🍆🍆🍆🍌🍌

Eat some dark chocolate. It increases dopamine and serotonin. That’s all that feely stuff that gets you all excited. After you’ve eaten at The Melting Pot, get the broccoli out your teeth, release all the gas from the gallon of cheese you ate, then get busy in your car behind the restaurant. The employees love that. It’s another form of tipping.

Nibble on some hot peppers. They increase your metabolism. Sources say if you want an unforgettable orgasm, create a pepper paste with onions, garlic, and habaneros. Blend it all together with 1/2 cup of water and a teaspoon of vinegar and use an enema for insertion. Throw away any left overs. This is a ONE TIME USE only. But if you don’t want to use it for sex, just marinate your steaks or chicken in it.

Slurp down some juicy oysters. They are full of zinc and they increase testosterone levels. But if you don’t have a sex partner, just eating these things is almost as close to pussy as you can get. mejillones_04_468x275or these Mussels in their very own Cooter sauce. You should try them in a black bean sauce. Mmmmmm yes.

How’s about some pomegranate juice? Yup that’s great for him. It helps with Erectile dysfunction. So order it now @ http://www.IneedPOMFORMYGUN.you

Add to the list, Garlic, oats, Nuts, blueberries and PORN. All of these things work great for his and her sex drives!


Disclaimer, do not shove Spinach in any of your cavities, and do not squirt hot sauce in ANY of your holes.