So for many years I’ve been hearing that all men are dogs. And I’ve always believed it. Until recently I’ve been forced into a new dimension of thinking and analyzing those things we call men.

OK yes dogs are greedy and are never satisfied and they hump any and everything. BUT dogs are LOYAL! Very very loyal. Even if you abuse a dog he comes right back.

OK let’s say you have a dog that’s been a part of your household for quite some time. Then all of a sudden you and your family pick up everything and move to a new location and you bring that dog along with you. So let’s just say you accidentally let the dog out into the new community and it’s his first time being there. Let me tell you what happened to me. My dog came right back home. I was terrified, because we had just moved into this house and he accidentally slip through  and ran outside and took off down the street. We lived close to major highways too. I was hysterical. But guess what? A few minutes later and he showed up at the door barking like an idiot. As long as I would chase him, he would run further away.

OK about those cats! I had two cats. I’d taken them from a neighbor who couldn’t keep them. Well I let these cats out and they didn’t return until weeks later! They were fat as fuck and I could tell that somebody else was taking care of them. I didn’t need help! I had food and EVERYTHING! But these damn cats had no sense of loyalty. They would literally eat from anybody. Which pissed me off. When I came home they acted like I wasn’t even there. They didn’t even notice me. I’d call them and they’d hide behind the stove. They sucked as pets. They couldn’t alarm you if strangers were approaching. They were useless. My dog was so damn happy to see me. He literally was my best friend. Yeah he ate my chicken patty out of my chicken biscuit, but he was awesome.

So are men dogs or are they cats?