A couple days ago Bishop Eddie Long died and all I could do was laugh.  Normally I’d say,  oh damn,  that’s fucked up that a great man died.  Even if he’s a believer in jesus.  And just because I don’t do god,  doesn’t mean you can’t.  

But this guy Eddie Long is a disgusting snake.  

This MAN OF GOD is a pedophile who took advantage of the young boys in his congregation. He befriended them and entered a sexual relationship with many of them starting at the age of 15 because that’s the consenting age in his state.  

I know there are so many black dummies out there who STILL support this maggot.  But from me to the victims,  ding dong that bitch is DEAD.  And that’s something to be grateful for.  

I don’t understand why some people are so stupid.  I was watching a video the other day about this creep and there was this chick talking about how handsome he was and how god uses him. Omg I wish I could pimp slap every idiot.  Girl how is god using a pedophile to do his work?  

 And imagine the nasty wife who stayed with him AFTER she found out he liked getting his ass poked by teens.  I’m sick just thinking about it.  I would have been in prison right now because I would have fucked him up!  

A video of a thinning Long as he proclaimed that he had been healed. Yet he’s dead a month later.  He claims that he had been working out and eating only vegetables and fruits. But the truth was evident. He was dying slowly. He did not kick cancers ass. And I’m not even certain he had Cancer because he was ashamed. Who would be ashamed of having Cancer?  It’s out of your control. He probably had AIDS. Either way I’m glad he’s gone. 

I have nothing against people who contract it.  But this guy was a hateful judgemental jerk when it came to homosexuality but he himself was being a hypocritical piece of shit. To me there’s no better way for this man to die other than watching himself fade slowly. Karma is a BITCH!  

Ok so here’s a synopsis 

¶Bishop Eddie L. Long, the flamboyant megachurch pastor whose reputation was tarnished after former congregants accused him of sexual misconduct, died on Sunday. He was 63.

The cause was cancer, his church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga., said in a statement. The statement did not say where he died.

Bishop Long had been the senior pastor since 1987 at New Birth Missionary Baptist, a 10,000-seat church in Lithonia, a suburb of Atlanta. The church said it grew from 300 members to more than 25,000 under his leadership, operating television and international ministries and building satellite churches in several cities, including Miami, Denver and Charlotte, N.C.

Bishop Long was known for preaching a “prosperity gospel,” which said the faithful would be rewarded with wealth. He himself flew around the world on a private jet, drove a $350,000 Bentley and lived in a $1.4 million house.

In 2006, President George W. Bush and former Presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush attended the funeral of Coretta Scott King, the widow of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., at Bishop Long’s church.

But four years later, scandal erupted when four young men filed lawsuits accusing Bishop Long of sexual misconduct. His lifestyle was a focal point of the suits, which accused him of persuading the men to have sexual relationships with him in exchange for trips, clothes and cars.

Two of the men accused Bishop Long — an outspoken opponent of gay rights and same-sex marriage — of grooming them for sexual relationships through the church’s LongFellows Youth Academy. The other two, one of whom attended a satellite church in Charlotte, made similar allegations.

Eight months later, Bishop Long settled the cases out of court for an undisclosed amount. He never admitted any wrongdoing. While some members of his congregation changed their opinion of him, many others continued to rally around him.

Bishop Long was born on May 12, 1953, in Huntersville, N.C. He is survived by his wife, Vanessa Long; four children, Eric, Edward, Jared and Taylor; and three grandchildren.¶

NOW back to me bashing it.  

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of a mighty man of valor, embattled warrior, learned and beloved pastor and man I call friend, Bishop Eddie L. Long,” it read. “We will miss his enigmatic catchphrase uttered just above a whisper, ‘Watch this…,’ his love for the Gospel shared liberally and a ministry that impacted lives around the globe.”

Also offering condolences to Long’s family and congregation, he said, “To the New Birth family, no words can ease the pain of your loss… To his beloved widow, Vanessa, and his children who feel the brunt of the loss most deeply and profoundly, we pray for you especially.” 

So the above statement is from TD JAKES.  Another charismatic preacher. Hmmm birds of a feather. 

Here’s the definition of VALOR.  

great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.

“the medals are awarded for acts of valor”

synonyms: braverycourageplucknervedaringfearlessnessaudacityboldnessdauntlessness, stout-heartedness, heroismbackbonespirit; 

I don’t see where he fits ANY of this.  He was a coward and never admitted to doing wrong.  He blasted those boys and treated them like they were worthless. Prostitutes get treated better.