Run a red light or Rob a bank. They find you quick.  I’m actually saddened by this case and usually I blog about criminals. In this case I won’t… Yet. I haven’t made up my mind about #MarkeithLoyd because there’s two sides to him. I know a lot about his past from public record. But I can also see on his page that he has a huge heart. I’m thinking that he snapped and was suffering from severe mental illness practically all his life. That’s not an excuse,  that’s an explanation. We deal with death from law enforcement officers everyday. Most of the times they are killing us. Every now and then someone turns the tables. Markeith Loyd wanted peace. He wanted love and he wanted loyalty. And although he may not make it out of this thing alive,  I’m staying focused on the other side. To his friends and family, this is fucked up. Loyd was and is extremely radical about his views. And he has every right to feel the way he does. He’s angry at the system and I don’t blame him.

He had been arrested for domestic violence, he had been arrested for assault and battery, he had been arrested for trafficking cocaine. So basically he’s had a long history with crime. When he was in prison he got into a physical altercation with a correctional officer. So he is no stranger to violence. The part that I don’t understand is how no one realized that this guy was a ticking time bomb. He literally was ready to snap and fall apart at any moments notice.   I read countless post from him dating back to 2014 and in every one of them to some degree he is reaching out and screaming out for help. The same can be said towards the man who killed several people at a Florida airport last week.  But Dylan Roof claims he’s not sorry for killing 9 people. He’s white and killed black church folks who took him in and loved him. 

We have so many whites who killed MULTIPLE PEOPLE. SERIAL KILLERS,  but so many people are acting self righteous like they’ve never heard of Ted Bundy.  He killed over 50 white women and he was a white man.  Let’s talk about that since the main focus on this story seems have gone there. 

Loyd doesn’t see the people killed as black. But yet this story has brought out so much racism. I’ve seen thousands of hateful racist comments from whites. Kill that Nigger, But what does his race have to do with the crimes? Are you telling me that white people never killed? Yeah. That’s what I thought. I write countless stories of white men killing their wives and children. So you’re no better. This story is about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. And this story is about a man who doesn’t care much for CROOKED AUTHORITY. That’s what he’s seen from officers. Most blacks have. 

And if you’re black and jumping on the wagon with all these white folks  acting like you’re better,  STOP!  Nobody is better than the rest. Shit I might snap one day then y’all will be talking about me. We all have our breaking point. This is his. He’s tired. My hope for him is that he ends his life his own way, or he surrenders at an out of Orange county precinct. We already know he will NOT receive a fair trial. If he decided to surrender he needs to be smart IF he wants to live. If you’re a family or friend of his encourage him to surrender peacefully and don’t give them the satisfaction of gunning him down the way they do us.  This has become quite racial and the rednecks are eager. I’ve gotten messages on my Twitter account which I had to make PRIVATE AGAIN, because white people decided to inform me of what they’d do to Loyd.  It’s not my business!  If it were me I’d be trying to get the fuck outta Florida. But let’s talk about the boldness of him. 

Markeith Loyd was on the run since December 13, 2016. He allegedly shot and killed his pregnant ex girlfriend Sade Dixon,  aged 24. According to the news reports he knocked on her door at around 9:15 p.m. and when she answered,  he shot her.  Her brother attempted to intervene and help his sister but he was shot as well.  He survived.  So basically knowing full well that there was a manhunt for him,  he still went to Walmart on his own?  

Fast forward to January 9, 2017 and in Orlando, Florida at around 7:00 a.m.on Princeton Street,  at a Walmart,  Loyd had picked up something from the store when a shopper recognized him. She noticed a uniformed officer loading groceries into her car and she told her of her sighting.  The female officer dispatched that she was going to pursue the alleged killer. Upon confronting him in a foot chase and yelling for him to STOP! she was shot 9 times. She lay dying in the parking lot and Loyd escaped again. In the process of this ordeal Loyd managed to steal 2 cars that he car jacked. Neither of those victims were harmed.  Several schools were placed on lockdown for several hours. Loyd was never found.  

A man hunt and a $60,000 reward for anyone who can lead to his arrest is being offered.  

I’m not going to call Loyd a monster.  I’ve seen worse. Much much worse.  I decided to present these photos by choice for two reasons. This guy is getting more hate than Hitler.  Even the SKINHEADS LOVE HIM. But Loyd can’t get a break.  I’m not saying he deserves one. But I’m saying damn y’all worship Hitler,  but abhor Markeith?  Y’all racist folks are full of shit.  

What is it about white people who get mad when blacks call them CRACKER?  WHY ARE YOU MAD?  IF WE ARE NIGGERS THEN YOU ARE CRACKERS.  LOL duh bitch.  That’s how it goes.  It’s all stupid,  but this is our fucked up reality.  It doesn’t have to be this way,  but it don’t matter if I change,  there will still be those who despise me because of my skin color.  How are you going to get mad at blacks for expressing their opinions of whites?  Y’all started it.  You can’t get mad that people have opinions. If blacks want to be upset about slavery,  oh well.  But if you’re white,  what the fuck are you upset about?  The shit was wrong. I’m past it.  But everybody ain’t like me. I used to be angry too.  But what’s the point now?  We all gonna die so what’s the point of wasting energy on hate?  I’m trying to show love to everybody who show love to me. But I’m not naive enough to say RACISM IS GONE.  That’ll never die. If it ain’t blacks against whites,  it’ll be fat against skinny.  Tall against short. Rich against poor.  People gotta discriminate.  

What is it about a pregnant woman who is killed where EVERYBODY SAYS,  OMG WHAT A MONSTER!!!. Oh stop. All murder is bad. Some of these same girls who call him a monster probably had 5 abortions each. We deal with this all the time. The point of my blog is to get HIS MESSAGE OUT. He wanted you the public to know certain things. He DOESN’T LIKE INJUSTICE,  RACISM, ORGANIZED RELIGION and the slavery of the black mind.  He knows he’s wrong and he knows consequences. He’s not hiding from his past. Matter of fact I found his mug shots on his page. He posted it.  I gotta tell you,  I like the guy.  Outside of the murders,  he seemed cool. Let me explain.  I like his thoughts on loyalty. Basically treat me good and I won’t have to kill you.  That’s why I’m single.  I don’t want anyone to die. And if one more man Piss me off,  imma be on the news. 

Obviously his ex loved him and he may have had some form of love for her.  But something went wrong for him to cut his hair. He claims it was a sacrifice to cut it.  That’s not something he was at peace with. I could tell from the video that he made.  He looked like he had been crying. He was extremely unstable emotionally. 

Also why did he make this public? One of the first things I thought when I found out that he killed an ex is what did SHE DO?  I’M not victim blaming… Yet. I mean according to him,  did she commit a sin?  Did she violate his trust?  Was he indeed negative of HIV?  WAS he sick?  Two months after he takes this test,  she’s dead.  Why?  It made me wonder if this was the cause. I read a few comments about her cheating on him and perhaps the baby wasn’t his. 

Loyd is very strict while dating.  On his page he literally says,  I DON’T LIKE A DISOBEDIENT WOMAN. Well damn . We women need to be careful about our choices. 

But here you see him being gentle with his girl.  Once again,  there are two sides to everyone and desperation brings out the worst.  We shouldn’t treat him any different than we treat a white woman who looked loving towards her children,  but then she drowns them all or suffocates them.  We all have the potential to kill. We just haven’t been met with the right circumstances.  I’ve had exes that if it were lawful,  they’d be dead.  If I thought I could get away with it,  I would have killed a few people. I would have killed my ex and his entire family. I used to dream about that.  So I’m not better. I just chose a different path. 

I in no way condone what Markeith did.  But after seeing the reaction,  I can see the hatred towards him from EVERYONE. At first I didn’t understand a lot of the nastiness. But after reading through his page,  I understand.  He hated black on black crime and was always talking about blacks needed to uplift each other and show love. He referred to white people as crackers quite a bit.  I’m not upset about this at all.  We been at each other’s throats since we were brought here.  It ain’t gonna stop.  And this IS a terrible time.  After the election, whites and blacks started acting crazy.  It’s always us against them.  I’m so sick of it.  

This could be my son one day. And as a mom I cannot control what people say about him.  I’d be pissed too.  I don’t defend my children when they are wrong. And so the purpose of my blog is to discuss my views and try to make sense of the hostility. 

I just want the right stuff being said and shown.  That’s the least I can do.  We did it for EVERY KILLER out there.  We know Charles Mansons childhood,  Jeffery Dahmer,  Ted Bundy,  the Pulse shooter, every killer who makes the news,  his childhood is dug up.  People want to know who they are. People were fascinated with Bin laden,  OK so.  

Above is a post made by Markeith .It possibly sheds light as to his state of mind after his marriage went awry. 

Markeith loved working. In the last 2 years it seemed like he was trying to get it together. He was working profusely. Holding down several jobs.  From Security to dish washing. He worked side by side with his son Jr . He seemed happy to be making money the legal way. So he was trying. But I recall a post of him saying that the streets were calling him.  So he struggled between the two lives.  He was trying to be better.  A few days before the shooting of his girlfriend,  he posted videos of himself at the gym. He seemed happy there as well.  But maybe he was at the gym trying to let off some steam. Matter of fact,  he even posted the day Sade was killed.  He stated how he wanted or needed to POWER UP. Then he showed an emoji of cash.  He is very verbal and highly talkative. He’s also very sensitive and emotional.  I don’t know how this will play out.  And if I were anywhere in his vicinity I’d get the fuck outta his way.  Fuck that money.  If they want to find him,  they better look because I’m not looking for shit!  

I’m not trying to confront this guy. Which is another thing I don’t get.  WHY DIDN’T THE OFFICER WAIT FOR BACK UP?  I’d be the scariest cop ever!  I’m not going after no criminals!  They are crazy!!  Fuck that. But this woman took it upon herself to confront him.  If I were her I’d STILL BE ALIVE TODAY.  I would have jumped in my car and drove the fuck off.  Or I would have sat there until help arrived.  Why try to be a hero? Then everybody is talking about SHE LEFT BEHIND A SON. Girl please,  when you sign up to become a cop you choose to put your child beneath your job.  So if she was OK going on this dangerous job everyday Knowing She has a child at home,  what am I upset for?  Everybody knows that death is possible.  If you can get shot just by dancing in a nightclub,  why wouldn’t you get shot in a uniform trying to apprehend a killer?  

Also,  where the hell is he?  He fled on foot and ditched a car.  Then took another car.  Did he ditch that one as well?  I never saw a description of it.  I’m so lost as to how he got away.  Like no helicopters caught him.  No cameras?  

Several times Markeith mentions that THEY ARE LOOKING FOR ME.  Why is he saying this?  He seemed paranoid at times.  He claims that he knows something and that people were after him.  

The initial story about Sade being killed came with a lot of controversy.  Many people believe that he had nothing to do with it.  He was wanted for questioning since he seemed to disappear after the event. 

Can we stop all the competition with who kills more.  BLACK OR WHITE? This is so tired. I’m not writing these stories anymore. Y’all getting stupid.