OK so what we have here is a police officer who decided to confront a suspected killer without backup. Also she wasn’t wearing a vest. Why do officers do this? You’re going to chase down a suspected killer who according to earlier reports ALLEGEDLY shot his pregnant ex girlfriend to death, and you’re going to do it ALONE. WHO DOES THAT? Not to mention this guy had been on the run since December 13, 2016. That means that if he’s on the run, he doesn’t want to jeapordize his freedom and he’d be willing to do ANYTHING to stay free. Even if that means killing an officer. This wasn’t personal. She just was in the way and she was a threat. Did the person who he carjacked get murdered? No. He could have killed them as well. The only killing that was personal was the Ex girlfriend. He didn’t kill the cashier or anyone else in the vicinity. The reason for me saying this is this isn’t about this guy hating cops.

Also stop trying to tie the death of the officer who was killed on his motorcycle enroute to the scene. Every news source is saying 2 OFFICERS killed. Accuracy is important. He killed one officer and he’s suspected of killing an ex.

His ex Sade Dixon

Gunned down by suspect Markeith Loyd




Markeith Loyds Facebook is loaded with tons of thirsty chicks hoping to get a shot at the title of being his boo. Sade Dixon won. But winning  isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes if you have to fight hard to get to the number one spot in someone’s life, chances are you might end up on the losing end. Love isn’t about competition.


 Y’all know I usually go hard on criminals and y’all also know I’m not a cop lover.  So I’m not going to spend time bragging about what kind of hero she was. Simply for the fact that I just don’t want to. To me once you sign up to be an officer and patrol the streets,  violence and even death can be part of the job. Law enforcement is a PERSONAL CHOICE . And the fact that she has a son who is without their mother,  this mother made the choice of policing the streets as her career. It comes with the territory.  That’s why I’m not a cop. I’m not interested in putting my life on the line for my country or state. 

But back to Loyd.  There’s something interesting about this case. His Facebook profile shows a different kind of man than what the public is portraying.  No I’m not saying he doesn’t have a criminal past. I’m not saying he didn’t kill the cop or his ex. What I’m saying is I’d like to shed light on what this guy was really about.  Now the eyes are supposedly the window to the soul. I’d love to jump on the wagon with everyone else and attack his character. But I’m not going to kick him when he’s already down. He’s getting what he wanted. He’s MOST WANTED. 

On his Facebook page he talks about love with his ex and sharing love to his friends and followers. I noticed that when a photo of him shirtless was posted,  he received over 100 likes. But when the photo of he and his girlfriend was posted,  it received 7 likes. That means Sade Nixon had a lot of haters. His last post was apparently the same day he allegedly killed her. He posted that it was TIME TO POWER UP. And in that post it shows an emoji with stacks of cash. I can look at Loyd and tell that he himself had a lot of haters as well. He seems like a guy who likes nice things. 

But did he snap? What transpired between he and Sade?  Have we heard his side of the story? Have we heard her side of the story? If he’s posting that he loves her and she betrays him,  men can’t handle that type of rejection. Men can’t handle that type of disrespect. Yeah we can call him names like coward because he killed someone. But he’s not the only one and he won’t be the last. Also I’ve read many comments about him being a black man who killed a black woman. What the FUCK does that have to do with anything? Ted Bundy killed over 50 white women so stop the racist bullshit.  All races kill. All races murder their children. All races have domestic disputes. So this isn’t about him being black. 

Also I don’t like the fact that because an officer is killed,  $60,000 is raised immediately to being Justice for her death,  but missing children hardly get notice and it can take months to get a $5,000 incentive to locate the child. 

Besides who do you think is willing to go up against him right now? Loyd has nothing to lose. He’s very dangerous. Shit if I saw him,  I DIDN’T SEE HIM!  I’m not dying for you idiots. Then Sheriff Demings is talking about he doesn’t want his officers chasing after him because he’s dangerous!!  But you wanna offer the public money to find him?  Fuck you. That’s YOUR JOB. YOU look for him. 

Markeith is probably holed up somewhere with some chick. There’s countless women out there who’d love to be his accomplice. 

On another note.  His page is crazy. This girl practically took over this man’s page. You can’t even tell when he’s talking or her. That’s a sign of SEVERE insecurity. It’s almost embarrassing.  Why do women take over a guys public pages? Then she spends a lot of her time bragging about how awesome she is. You can tell it’s NOT him. When she cooks,  she posts photos and brags. She’s constantly posting photos about how much she loves him and how BLESSED she is. Yeah well…  And all the insults from her towards other women who are over weight is just stupid . She literally posts  EVERY accomplishment she’s made,  and its just in an effort to make other women feel small. She brags about how SHE’S more than just a face and a body,  but that she’s brains too. Well she sure knows how to pick em. 

I’m actually disgusted by this chick. Does she deserve to die because she’s childish? No.  But I’m wondering if anybody else wanted her dead. I’d imagine with an attitude like that,  she can’t have too many friends. And bragging about getting a real estate license? The course is like 3 weeks. It’s not a difficult thing to do.  

And while she’s bragging that she won HIM,  in the end she LOST. 

The past 

The photos above show something different. A man with a heart. Two years ago He seemed happier. Then he cut off his hair. Something happened.  Something caused him to snap and he was suffering from mental illness.  I’ve spent much time reading about him. He changed. Yes he has a soft heart and he’s very compassionate,  but he’s also quite demanding.  Nothing too outlandish,  but he States that his loyalty comes at a price and if you don’t honor his loyalty,  that you’ll pay dearly. I don’t think that he planned on living long. He speaks about death alot. He speaks about the streets alot.  And its a great chance that at the time of the shooting of his ex,  he saw her as the enemy.  

 The story below… 

An Orlando police Sergeant was shot and killed Monday after approaching a suspect wanted for questioning in the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, and a second law enforcement officer was killed in a motorcycle crash while responding to a massive manhunt for the suspect.

More than a dozen schools were placed in lockdown during the manhunt, and authorities were offering a $60,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Markeith Loyd, the 41-year-old suspect wanted for the murder of Master Sgt. Debra Clayton.

Clayton was killed outside a Wal-Mart store in northwest Orlando early Monday, and an Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputy was killed in a crash while responding to a manhunt for Loyd. The deputy wasn’t identified because his family hadn’t been notified.

Another Orlando police officer also was involved in a crash while responding to the shooting but only had minor injuries.

Authorities said Loyd previously was a suspect in the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend last December.

“He should be considered armed and dangerous,” Police Chief John Mina said at a morning press conference. Later in the day, the chief said, “It doesn’t matter where he is. We will track him down to the ends of the Earth.”

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said deputies had been searching unsuccessfully for Loyd for several weeks and believe he was receiving help from someone.

At an afternoon news conference, Demings urged Loyd to turn himself in peacefully.

“If we have to go in after him, then that jeopardizes and puts at risk the safety of law enforcement officers … and we cannot control what happens in that situation,” Demings said.

Mina lauded Clayton, a 17-year veteran of the force as a “committed” officer and “a hero” who gave her life to the community she loves. The Orlando Police Department said in a tweet that Clayton always had a smile and a high five for every child she came across.

“She made a point, even outside her working hours, do to things for youth and do things for the community,” said Deputy Chief Orlando Rolon.

She was married and had a college-aged son. She died Monday at 7:40 a.m., less than an hour after she was shot while on duty.

Police released a video of Clayton’s body being taken out of the hospital to a waiting van in a flag-covered stretcher. A line of officers saluted as the stretcher was wheeled out.

Authorities said 17 area schools were placed in lockdown following the shooting.

Officers and deputies were focusing their manhunt on an apartment complex in northwest Orlando, and dozens of residences had been searched. The apartment complex and shooting in northwest Orlando was nowhere near Orlando’s tourism corridor in the southern part of the metro area.

“There will be a large law enforcement presence in that area until we can determine he is not there,” Mina said.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer declared a day of mourning in the city.

While at the Wal-Mart Monday morning, Clayton was tipped off by someone that Loyd was in the area. When she approached him, he fired multiple shots at Clayton, who was wearing body armor, Mina said.

Clayton returned fire but didn’t hit him, he said.

Sheriff’s officials said a deputy spotted Loyd fleeing in a vehicle. The suspect pulled into a nearby apartment complex and then fired at a deputy, striking the deputy’s SUV twice. The deputy wasn’t harmed, the sheriff’s office said.

Loyd then carjacked another vehicle, drove away and then abandoned the vehicle not far away, according to the sheriff’s office.

The manhunt was being conducted where he abandoned the vehicle.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputy was killed more than two hours after the shooting when a van collided with his motorcycle as he responded to the manhunt, authorities said.

Gov. Rick Scott cancelled an appearance in Orlando because of the shooting but appeared with Orlando officials at the news conference.

“I’m heartbroken and angry,” Scott said.