​As long as they didn’t kill the shark.  Lol you gotta do what you gotta do.  I wrestled a shark who stole my beer!  I was sitting on a yacht relaxing in the ☀.  And out of nowhere,  just after I had grabbed a cold beer from the cooler,  this crazy ass shark leaps out of the ocean and snatches My shit.  I’m pissed.  I think to myself OH NO HE DIDN’T.  I took my wig off and dove in the water.  I grabbed onto his fin.  That fucker was strong.  But I managed.  He looked back at me with a look of surprise. He didn’t know what had him.  Then he turned to face me.  But I knew he wasn’t ready for this. Nobody is.  His jaw opened and I eagerly coasted ↓ his throat.  I searched for my shit.  It was difficult to locate. In the process I found  Mariah Carey’s career,  a Nike shoe,  Rick Ross beard hair,  A can of Trump spray tanner,  and there it was . My beer!  I grabbed it and held on like a football player running the ball. I get to the teeth and smacked it with my can. He reluctantly opened his mouth and I swam out to safety.  I told him, LET THAT BE A LESSON to the rest of you!