AURORA, Colo. — Police in the Denver suburb of Aurora are searching for a 6-year-old boy who is believed to have wandered away from his home on New Year’s Eve.

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies were helping search for David Puckett on Monday by going door-to-door within 2.5 miles of his home. Bloodhounds are also searching for him.

Late Monday afternoon, authorities issued an Amber Alert for David.

Police say foul play isn’t suspected, but they’ve asked for help to find David as quickly as possible partly because of coming cold weather.

Previous searches aided by a bloodhound and a helicopter didn’t turn up any clues.

Police say David has wandered off before.

David Puckett was last seen around 5:30 p.m. Saturday in the 15700 block of East Amherst Place.

“David is a good kid, ” said his mother Stephanie as she fought back tears. “The coat he was wearing is not that thick, with how cold it is I’m worried something really bad could happen to him. And if you guys can, please help me find him.”

He was wearing green camouflage pants a black shirt, tan coat and black and orange boots.

“At this time it appears that David left voluntarily,” said Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz. “We have no evidence at this point to suggest that he’s been abducted.”

Even after the coordinated search was winding down Sunday as it was getting dark, some neighbors continued the search like Desiree Ann-Medina who lives in David’s neighborhood.

“It’s the right thing to do. I am a mom and I genuinely empathize with David’s mom. It’s just to do my part,” said Ann-Medina.

“If by any chance you picked him up last night because it was New Year’s Eve and thought it would just be safe for him to pick him up please just call. Please bring my baby home,” said Stephanie Puckett

There have been several questions as to why there wasn’t an AMBER Alert. That decision is made by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation not Aurora Police. CBI set criteria to issue an AMBER Alert, including a child must be under the age of 17 who was abducted and in immediate danger. Aurora Police haven’t ruled anything out but do believe David wandered away from home. Investigators said his case hasn’t met the criteria for an AMBER Alert.

There is a $10,000 reward being offered for his return.

Where do I start? Yall know I got kids right? I’m a lion over them. First thing that pisses me off. Girl your son is 6 years old and instead of saying he may have been taken, you say, HE WANDERED OFF?!? Mama how do you know he wandered off? I’m just asking. How does she know 100% if she didn’t see him? If you don’t know if your child left on their own, don’t say that.


Next. Were they headed somewhere? Because this kid is OVERDRESSED for hanging around the house indoors. And if he was outside playing with FRIENDS, MOMMA should have been watching him. It was 5:30 p.m. It is getting too dark for a little child like that to be outdoors with friends. It’s almost dark. So if he’s just lounging around, why is he wearing boots and a jacket indoors?

Next, I can just feel folks about to tell me off. But If she knew that this boy has a tendency to wander off, why the FUCK would she not secure her house?!? Girl that child is your responsibility. Now you have everybody looking for your child because you are negligent. You are supposed to put a lock on the door to keep a child like him from leaving. When my children were tots, I always kept a safety zone to keep others from getting in and for them not to walk outside at night. Children are unpredictable. I had one child of mine who NEVER woke up where she went to sleep. One night my little girl wasn’t in her bed. I almost died. She was in the closet in her brother’s room sleeping with bears.

I used to have a neighbor whose little boy would just walk over to my house. Well I always assumed that she knew it until one day she called and asked if he was there. He was. Sitting down eating a hotdog as usual. From that point on every time he’d knock, I’d say, Gryphon, did you ask your mom to come here? I could never trust him to tell the truth so I’d call her. True story. So the idea of him being at a childhood friends house is absurd. It’s been 3 days. What parent wouldn’t report that? And how many friends could he have in the neighborhood? He’s 6. Gryphon had 3 houses to bounce off to. Mine, his mom’s best friend and a cousin who lived behind me. Gryphon would jump my gate to get to his cousin. And when he was ready to come back to my house he’d come banging on the back door.

But the Cops have gone door to door and even checked out the pedophiles in the neighborhood.

So what gives?

Update …

Search teams spotted a child’s body in an icy Colorado pond Tuesday in a grim sign that they may have found the 6-year-old boy who vanished on New Year’s Eve.

Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz told reporters they found the body inside the pond early Tuesday morning after a frantic hunt for David Puckett, who was believed to have wandered away from his home on Saturday night. He said crews were working to identify the body but told the boy’s family what they found.

“It’s a crime scene and we are going to treat it as such,” Metz said, adding that there was no apparent breakage in the pond but the K9 units were “interested” in the area.

This pisses me off!