Some people just shouldn’t have children. That little boy died cold and alone! Not any way for a child to leave this earth. Hate me all you want but this is wrong.

And just because he was found in a pond doesn’t mean he died there. I hope that’s the case because I’d hate to hear that something horrible HAPPENED and he was dumped there.

Search teams spotted a child’s body in an icy Colorado pond Tuesday in a grim sign that they may have found the 6-year-old boy who vanished on New Year’s Eve.

Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz told reporters they found the body inside the pond early Tuesday morning after a frantic hunt for David Puckett, who was believed to have wandered away from his home on Saturday night. He said crews were working to identify the body but told the boy’s family what they found.

“It’s a crime scene and we are going to treat it as such,” Metz said, adding that there was no apparent breakage in the pond but the K9 units were “interested” in the area.