Girl did you really just stand on the fucking stage and NOT SING? Who the fuck is this chick? Did you really just NOT SING because the track stopped working? Did you really just do that? I’m like officially OVER Mariah. Like really. I thought she was a trooper. But she is so busy trying to be cute that she forgets about her fans!

PEOPLE came to see you. And you’re supposed to have a concert with Lionel Richie, but there’s no way I’d attend because you might try to pull this same stunt. All you had to do was catch up to the track. She had to hear it. The audience heard it. What a cheap sellout thing to do. I’m disgusted. She had this I don’t give a shit ATTITUDE also. Ugh Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia would have killed that. They would have slaughtered that song and kept moving. Track or no track, sing!

I can’t stand when people don’t do good at their craft. Imma always love Mariah for the great music she put out, but I’m demoting her ass from my Diva list. Lol she don’t know about my list and could care less about my broke ass but I’m still doing it! 😂

I tuned in late so I missed a lot of this. But WOW!! No she didn’t.

Look don’t even come at me with the hate. Man I love Mariah. She’s a lovely lady and I’ve always loved her singing and her music. I can deal with the Barbie doll spoiled brat stuff too. Imma brat. But there is no way I would have done that. My headliner would have been, ERICKA COURTNEY SINGS HER ASS OFF IN SPITE OF THE TRACK. BAM! All them people looking at you and you not singing just walking back and forth talking.