Their death is a suspected drug overdose stated by The Chief Mike Chitwood.

Heather Kelsey, 30, and Daniel Kelsey, 32, had been married for six years. Their vehicle was found stopped along the road in I-4 with its hazard lights blinking, on Saturday. Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood said law enforcement officers are still waiting for autopsy reports to confirm their suspicions, the Daily Mail reports.

“At first glance, investigators feel [Daniel’s death] was an overdose. There was some concern with the female that an autopsy will clear up,” Chief Chitwood told the media.

According to The Daily Mail and Daily News

The parents of three both allegedly suffered from a long history of drug addiction.

Also Heather Kelsey died before her husband.

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When a Florida State Highway Patrol trooper stopped to check on the disabled vehicle along the roadway he found Heather Kelsey slumped up against the SUV and Daniel Kelsey on the ground, WFTV 9 ABC News reports.

The Daytona Beach Police Chief also noted there were no signs of foul play where the bodies of the young couple were found. There were also no readily apparent signs of trauma to either Daniel Kelsey or Heather Kelsey.


A Florida Highway Patrol trooper found the scene after stopping about 2:08 a.m. to check out the maroon SUV parked on eastbound I-4 near DeLand with its hazard lights on, said Volusia County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Andrew Gant.

The trooper then discovered Daniel A. Kelsey, 32, and Heather L. Kelsey, 30, unconscious outside the SUV with their three sons between the ages of 8 months and 4 years sitting safely in the vehicle, Gant said.

The parents were pronounced dead at the scene soon after. The cause is unknown.

The children were taken to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach as a precautionary measure, though they appeared be unharmed, Gant said. The Florida Department of Children and Families went to meet the children at the hospital to help with the investigation.

Gant said the Sheriff’s Office is investigating the circumstances of the death. An autopsy will be completed to determine a preliminary cause of death. There were no immediate signs of foul play.

Come on, Daniel don’t look like a junkie?


No further information was immediately available.

Let me guess.. drugs. What else could it be? They both died of heart attacks, they both died of Food poisoning. This was a reenactment to The Notebook and they died together of natural causes. The CHILDREN killed them. Carbon Monoxide entered the vehicle and only killed the adults.


Friends described the couple as sweet, loving and dedicated parents.

Family friend Leigh Meekins said the couple recently moved and were back in Central Florida to see family and friends.

“It’s heartbreaking, especially for those boys,” Meekins said. “Heather was one of my closest friends. She’s good people. They’re both good people.”

Meekins said she’s disappointed to see some people on social media assume the couple overdosed on drugs.

“It’s not for somebody else to make speculation before they know anything,” she said. “I know (them). If they were into anything, they would never do it around their kids. They were never like that.”

Investigators did not find any drugs in the vehicle and neither parent has a record of drug use.

“I just miss them,” Meekins said.

Investigators with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office told Channel 9’s Cierra Putman that they won’t know more about the deaths until after the autopsy. Deputies said there were no obvious signs of foul play.

If they were into drugs they wouldn’t do it around their children.  That’s key. Maybe it wasn’t around the kids and it was at a gas station while the children waited inside. Come on.  Work with me here.  Do you know how many people do drugs with no record of it? Everybody isn’t a Career criminal because of drugs.  Some folks are functioning addicts.  I’m curious to see the autopsy report.

And they’ve cleaned the hell outta their Facebook pages. That’s a sign they don’t want any controversy.


Jerrell Jackson, an old friend of Daniel Kelsey, said he is still coming to terms with the shocking death. The body of his friend was found on Jackson’s 32nd birthday.

Jackson told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that he “loved Dan like a brother” and noted how he was rarely seen without his three boys. Jerrell Jackson described his friend as a “loving, devoted father.”

Jackson, of Port Orange, Florida, also said he and Daniel Kelsey grew up together, attending both Campbell Middle School and Spruce Creek High School together. Jackson said the couple was “doing great” in their new city. According to Jackson, Kelsey was a mechanic who did “awesome work on cars.”


Heather Kelsey and Jerrell Jackson met for the first time last year. Jackson said he did not know a lot about her, but pointed out how delighted his old friend was when his youngest child took his first steps last week.