Drunken driving charges against a Northern California man have been dropped after he tested positive for driving on caffeine.

KNTV reports 36-year-old Joseph Schwab was pulled over in Fairfield 16 months ago after an Alcohol Beverage Control agent witnessed him weaving in and out of traffic.

Authorities say his pupils were dilated, and he seemed “amped up.” Inside Schwab’s car, the agent found a number of workout supplements, including powders, but all of them were legal, the station reported.

A blood test showed only caffeine was in his system.

I didn’t even know they had a blood test for Caffeine. Do we really need this? You know it’s NEW YEARS EVE and well, I’m blogging and drinking which means I’m tipsy. I’m enjoying Redd’s Wicked Apple. reds-wicked

This is good stuff. I like it better than the Rita’s . Budweiser is good but this is better. It’s REALLY GOOD. YOU don’t drink? Why not? It’s a downer kinda sorta. Imagine being pulled over and drunk or tipsy. Reaction time is slower than normal right? Like you’d be sitting under the green light for like 20 seconds before you moved. Tons of cars blowing horns and ugly people yelling obscenities. I hate those party poopers. They always tend to mess up my buzz. AS IF I’ve ever driven drunk or tipsy. 😇 I’m always sober for the most part. I’m the designated driver.

But imagine getting pulled over because of your medications. They cause a loopy feeling and agitation. But Cops don’t know what you’re taking so they assume you’re high as shit.

You know what? Fuck this blog!

You know I’m sick of getting cursed out! Lol people keep sending me love letters or hate mail. I’ve gotten threatened twice today and blocked twice from people who contacted me FIRST. I’m trying to write this damn blog but I keep getting interrupted. I know I suck at this thing but geez have some compassion!!! It’s New Year’s Eve! I can’t say I don’t deserve some of this stuff but most of the times I’m innocent! I’m not heartless, I’m careless! That means I could CARE LESS what people think of my opinion or thoughts. OK yeah I’m a shit starter. Duh! What else is there to do in life? Keep the peace? I’m surrounded by bullshit all day. I can’t turn the TV on without death flashing across my screen. Every time I look around, somebody is killing somebody. I’m not getting Exactly what I want in this world so all I got is my voice and my opinion. I can’t control anything else but me and I’m struggling with keeping me under wraps. I’m living in this fucked up beautiful world and I don’t know why. I’m starting to realize that I won’t be here forever. Which unfortunately puts things in perspective. I haven’t had sex in almost a year because I’m too picky! My vagina has taken on a mind of its own! It’s completely stressed out and turning gray. How do I have no gray hair on my head but my cooter is changing!

What the fuck?!? Pretty soon it’ll look like spanish tree moss! Yes yes yes I said it! NOBODY told me my shit would change! I’m not prepared.spanish-moss-live-oak-tree-3834380


NOBODY told me that I’d get older and be forced to shave it. I liked when it was optional. Sometimes I could be living in Nut Bush city. Sometimes I could be a cave girl. That’s where I let it grow out and I braid it then attach beads. But it’s not anymore, no more options. How can I convince guys that I’m younger if my sweat box is aging? For once I’d like everything on me to match.  My armpits aren’t gray!

See the thing about me is I’m honest. But I know deep down in my heart that I’m not the only one. I know there’s other aging vagina’s out there. I want us to join forces and stand together and say, WE WILL NOT BE ASHAMED of our gray. Lol I want to start a club where we exchange stories about the discovery of the hair. I want us to talk about how the texture isn’t the same as the black ones or whatever you’re working with down there. I think we need an open dialogue. I’ll be watching and waiting for your comments. 😂😂😂

I’m getting sick of change. I don’t mind it a little bit, but only when it’s good and benefits me. I don’t like the fact that I can’t control every aspect of my body. It’s like things are happening with my body, not terrible, but just things that when I was younger I never experienced. I’m noticing everything. One little spot, bump, mole, blemish and I’m like what’s that? Aging sucks! I’m trying to see the positives. OK here I go.

No wrinkles

Still have hair that grows

Have all my digits

Can walk, talk, crawl

No MAJOR illnesses


None. 😊😊😊 I’m good.