Oh so so sad.  Lol That’s right. Nunes Beat that ass in 48 seconds.  That comeback wasn’t such a good thing. But gotta try huh?  If a novice boxer watched the way she strikes it’ll be easy to beat her.  She’s great with Judo.  And some of the girls she fought before weren’t as skilled in ground fighting and some of them shouldn’t have been in the cage.

I always felt she was overrated.  I know MMA and yes she’d kick my ass, but boy it feels good to see her dethroned.  Holly made her look like an amateur. She needs to work on her boxing and angles. And instead of her trying to challenge Mayweather she needs to join his camp and learn how to fight!

Whats confusing to me is how much she spends on training. Shes getting robbed. They aren’t teaching her right. Poor girl. From looking at this fight I can take her. But not on the ground. Lol she’s a beast. But this fight is so bad it looks like she threw the fight. It’s so terrible. It’s horrendous. It’s child abuse. I think she likes abusive relationships. She just stood there and took that beating. Nunez ain’t no joke.

Edmond Tarverdyan sucks ass! This guy is the worst striking coach ever. He’s not her Judo coach. Those folks did her good. But this fucking guys is just an Embarrassment.


The link above proves what I’m saying. They have video of this dude training her and it’s pathetic.

Ronda Rousey has shitty footwork because HE has shitty footwork. Look at her feet during the fight. That guy is just stroking her ego and getting a fat check out of it. You can’t teach what you don’t know. I think he’s had 2 fights! Wtf if she doesn’t fire that fool tonight, she’s a bigger fool.

By the way. I think I have my first girl crush.

I’m not gay or anything but I think I’d kiss this girl! Lol