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Where is Missing Veteran Broque “Brock” Cockrum?…

Unfortunately Broque Cockrums body was discovered in Norfolk VA in Elizabeth River. His cause of death is unknown at this time. As soon as details emerge, I’ll be updating this blog.

My sincerest apologies and deepest regards to his family who lost their loved one.



First off I wanted to place the video to show you how Broque really feels as a veteran.  He doesn’t seem to feel like his country cares for him or other veterans.

Broque Cockrum went missing December 13, 2016. He was visiting his sister.


So technically the last person to see him was his date. I don’t understand why He would leave his phone behind. And I don’t like the idea that we’ve been sold a story about his condition. Because it makes us think that he’s fucked in the head and just wandered off somewhere. Even though the family states this is out of character for him, it’s still embedded in our minds that he’s a runner from life.


The actual story

NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — Relatives of a former soldier are wondering where he is, and if he’s OK.

Norfolk Police say they are looking into the disappearance of 25-year-old Broque Cockrum. He lives in Massachusetts and was in Norfolk visiting family when he vanished.

He hasn’t been seen since last Wednesday, when he met a woman he had connected with online. We’re told she lives in the Grandy Village area.

The woman told Broque’s family that the father of four became upset and left behind his phone and some clothing.

Broque’s sister, Kayla Cockrum, says the woman showed up at her Ocean View home with his belongings.

Police tell 13News Now they are investigating and speaking with the woman Broque was last seen with, but at this time, officers do not suspect foul play.

His family says Broque suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is bipolar.

“He wouldn’t harm himself, though,” Kayla said. “I mean, he wouldn’t do this, like walk away and never come back.”

So there you have it. From looking at the family photos, they seem like down to earth people. I don’t suspect any foul play from them.

But I found a few details about Brock to be a little peculiar. Nothing terrible but he’s been one to talk about money quite a bit. Now don’t get me wrong. Money is essential. But he has an old Twitter account where all he’s talking about is hating work, and he shares links to a company that helps you earn money quickly. He also set up a GoFundMe campaign last year for his kids to have a great Christmas. A FIRST family Christmas. On his mother Karen Cockrums Facebook she doesn’t mention his disappearance.

Matter of fact the only people I see mention him is his sister and his aunt.  There may have been others but when I did a search of his name on Facebook, I expected to see much more. There isn’t a lot of information out there about him. But the video above is something he wanted you to see. That’s why he made it.

We can’t say it’s coincidental that she just so happened to be there, so why was he with another woman? UNLESS he was searching online for local women in that area. How long was he to stay with his sister? I read a comment that the girl he went to see that night must’ve known the sister. But not necessarily. She could have gotten the information from the phone that she claims he left behind.

Why would he leave the phone though? Also I’m certain that he didn’t leave in his underwear and a t-shirt. He had on shorts and a jacket. Reports claim that he left the house so abruptly that he didn’t take pants or a phone.

I believe the secret to his disappearance is with the woman he visited. I don’t see any Money raising accounts for him. But I haven’t checked everywhere. If you have any information about this case please share.

If something happened to this young man because he trusted the wrong woman, this will be sad. But it’ll be even worse if he got caught up in a scandal cheating on his girlfriend. I’m reading that he was married or has a long term mate.  At any rate I hope this man is found. He missed Christmas with his children. According to his girlfriend Crystal Chiavarini, he was living with her the past two years. So the question is was he cheating on her or was there another reason he intended on spending the night at this other woman’s house?



According to this photo Broque is a family man of sorts. Crystal is elated to be having another child with him. She seems so happy when she mentions him.
The most recent picture that he sent to his girlfriend Crystal Chiavarini


I believe that perhaps it was a setup. I’m not certain that he went ONLY to see his sister. Maybe that was the excuse he used to get away from his responsibilities. Women are notorious for leading men into death traps. I’ve written stories about it and you probably have read them. It’s not uncommon for men to be lured by women. Also how financially strapped was this guy? He acts like he’s losing money one year but the next year he’s flying out to his sister’s. Did she pay for the flight or the other woman? ALSO There’s too much unsaid about this disappearance. And I don’t see much support. What is it about him? Why aren’t they breaking down doors trying to get answers? Perhaps they don’t know what to do.

But even if you’re a drunk and an addict and a cheater, you still don’t deserve to die. Hopefully he wasn’t messing with a married woman. Hopefully this is a call for attention or help from him. Hopefully he’s not on some drug binge and doesn’t want to be found. We assume that he left his phone on accident, but what if he left it on purpose because he didn’t want to be bothered? Maybe he’s staying with another woman.

When a person goes missing its difficult to determine why. Especially if they have mental illness. And searching records in Massachusetts are extremely difficult. Hardly anything is public record.  The family and friends are saying that the woman isn’t being very cooperative or helpful.



Being the horrible blogger that I am and a shit starting hussy, well I been digging around a bit and stumbled upon something.

Anybodyar-141016545 out there ever heard of Allison Marie Voner? Well she’s Brock Cockrums aunt. On her Facebook its Allie Marie. Well she’s an interesting young lady. She’s been through a lot. She was arrested for Videotaping herself using heroin and cocaine and mocking her probation officer in front of the courthouse.

You might have seen Allie on a meme or two. According to her Facebook she is attempting to sober up and clean up. That’s good for her. But I’m not one to start gossip, so you didn’t hear it from me. I’m certain that she’s been through enough and I don’t want to make this a witch hunt. But Allison has some interesting views. And I’m starting to wonder if it’s true that birds of a feather do indeed flock together.

I think the worst thing I read on her page is that she wants all Jews to die. Matter of fact, she has a fan base who agree with those sentiments. I’m wondering if Brock felt the same way. See I don’t think it’s fair to associate every family member together. It’s not right. Every one is different. But in the case of Racism directed at Jews, I’m like giiirrllll. Does her family all have the same views? Now about the car that she broke into with this guy and stole this other guys wallet and went on a shopping spree buying gift cards and stereo systems, she was arrested for this too. Her dirt is already out there. I’m just bringing an association to this “missing persons case”.

Look I’m disgusted with myself right now. I really am.

Ugh but here’s the link … Another mugshot of her.

This girl kinda reminds me of me. She’s so honest at times.

Can someone please tell me what Pizza Gate is? Because All I could read about on the page from her is FUCK THE SYSTEM. I get it. You hate government. I don’t care for it either. But what does wanting to kill Jews have to do with anything? Like she literally said she wanted them all dead.

And this arrest is just funny

Portsmouth police made the following arrests this week. (She was 23 here)

Man allegedly bites man’s leg, swears in front of children 

Christopher Kearns, 25, of 97 Easton Ave., Portsmouth, and Allison Voner, 23, of Framingham, MA, were both arrested on Jan. 15 at 8:15 a.m. after an unusual wakeup call.

According to police, Voner attempted to wake up Kearns on Tuesday morning at an Easton Avenue residence. When he didn’t wake up, she allegedly punched him in the head.

Kearns apparently then woke up and became involved in an argument with a 21-year-old Portsmouth man at the residence. During the argument, Kearns allegedly struck the man with his fists and bit the victim on his upper thigh.

Kearns also allegedly threw a dog gate against a wall, causing damage to both the gate and wall.

He then went outside the residence. He allegedly began to shout and yell profanities, according to police.

He apparently refused after being asked by police to stop yelling profanities. Children were waiting for their school bus at a nearby stop, police said.

Kearns was arrested and charged with domestic, simple assault; domestic vandalism; and disorderly conduct.

Voner was also arrested and charged with domestic, simple assault.

I hate being wrong but is this Broque Cockrum? I wasn’t sure.




Photo by Sgt. James Bunn 

18th Field Artillery Brigade

Pvt. Broque Cockrum of Hanscomb Air Force Base, Mass.,B Battery, 1st Battalion, 321st Airborne Field Artillery Regiment spent the day with his wife Tamera Cockrum and their daughter, Kayle Cockrum during the battalion Family Day July 18, Fort Bragg, N.C.

You know when family members come to you and ask that you remove your blog about their relative, there’s something they don’t understand. If nobody is talking about your relative, then NOBODY CARES and nothing will be done. The FACT that MY blog is very interested in this story lets people know that there was more to the story. Do you realize how many people go missing every day? I chose Broque Cockrums story because he had something to say and I wanted to showcase that.

I felt Broque Cockrums pain when he talked about feeling neglected and forgotten as a veteran. He just wanted to be heard. Aside from all future discovery about him, he was on to something else. He felt like he should have been welcomed home better by his country. All veterans should. All the trivial gossip about the girlfriends or cheating. That’s just filter for a story. Even if it’s true. Everyone has a message.

The point I want to get across and sort of make Broque the poster child for is PTSD and the lasting effects of it. Trying to get a soldier to join back in his community after he’s witnessed things that civilians will never understand is challenging. We are outsiders so we don’t know exactly what his mindset was. And honestly, family members withhold certain parts about themselves to those closest to them. His family states that he wouldn’t harm himself. So if he wasn’t suicidal, then are we to assume he was murdered?

I’m not going to just walk away from a story because of hurt feelings. If I fuck up, I’m more than willing to apologize. And yes I went out on a limb. BUT, PEOPLE are talking. And in the case of a missing person, ANY ATTENTION is better than none.

86 thoughts on “Where is Missing Veteran Broque “Brock” Cockrum?…

  1. His sister kayla says I don’t deserve to know how he died. Yet if I had not brought his phone and clothes they would have no idea what happened. I have been helping since day one and I do have some guilt I know broque and I has a great connection and I will always remember him. I cry every day multiple times a day.


  2. Kelly I’m glad my day is a light duty so I was able to see your posts sooner then later. Thank you for sharing the positive and informative re your Broque. No one is perfect, we all have our little bloopers in the past. PSTD is serious. My nephew suffers and will never be the same after serving his country. My hope is that the new President will help with this. Perhaps Erickas blog can bring this to the forefront a bit more. It’s complicated. Its sad and a mixed bag of hurt. Maybe we can honor Broque by sharing his real story…the good, the sad and the ugly truth about how our veterans are used up and spit out. I wish healing to everyone who knew and loved Broque Cockrum.


  3. Broque was a very great guy and I miss him very much. We all have a past and mistakes but I truly did have a connection with him and he knows we did.


  4. And Allie ugh about the whole Me being black and being CHOSEN BY GOD. THAT’S one of the reasons I don’t do religion. I can’t worship a god who has CHOSEN people. That means he thinks some are better than others. I can’t relate to that. And I don’t like discrimination and prejudice. I don’t understand how a supreme being can choose a certain group over another. Didn’t he create us all?
    Next thing. Allie ummm you hate Jews and you want them all to die right? But you have a problem with me speculating about Broque? Hmmm what’s worse? You wanting to see an entire group of people die or my blog? I didn’t kill your nephew. Look I understand that you’re upset for being exposed as possible KKK folks with your little white sheets and maybe Broque was too. But I’ll be nice and say he didn’t deserve to die for that. Maybe he drowned.


  5. Of course not. Why would I push to have something removed? If Kim kardashian still has a porn video out that she can’t control and didn’t consent to it being published, well I’d have to deal with speculation. What do you think people will say about me when I die? Some will like me and some will hate me but I won’t know it because I’M DEAD!! My blog shouldn’t change the way his family sees him and those who don’t know him including MYSELF is entitled to their own opinions. Please shut up. Just because you think it doesn’t help doesn’t make it so.


  6. I knew him In person. You’re kidding right ?! . this blog is awful!!! Please delete these speculations and lies and think of what the family must feel reading this. This won’t help find out why he died. The police will do their job and bring justice for his family and him. This does nothing but make those who love him feel horrible.

    How would you feel reading accusations like this about your missing or deceased husband or child?! You wouldn’t push to have it removed?!

    Seriously. Awful. I’m so sorry to any family who had to be subjected to reading this.


  7. Can you please remove me from this blog since brock has no connection with what I have done in my life and is not like me at all. My family doesn’t need to see this. You are picking on a grieving family member. I’ve been nothing but kind to u, a bit pissed off, and I wish you would remove me u bashing me. Thank u


  8. Ok. Agreed. But please don’t make him look like the piece of shit u made him out to be. And since I have nothing to do with his death or the way he lived his life vs the way I use to live mine, please take me off. If u wanna continue searching for answers please do, but please change what u said, like a commenter before me said , this is one of the top searches for him and people who are grieving don’t need to see this. I’m asking you as a grieving aunt who was very close to brock,, and I’m asking as kindly as possible, please change what your wrote.


  9. I unfortunately followed the link to his body Being found. I did NOT say I would remove this blog. I said I’d RECANT. That means modify or change earlier statements. This really is sad. But now we must find out how he died and determine whether any foul play was involved. If this was a homicide, you’re going to need all the exposure you can get for him. That means someone should be brought to justice. If it were accidental or self causing, then I’ll end the blog on that note.


  10. “OK so anyway I promise that if your nephew is in fact deceased which I hope isn’t true, I’ll recant my blog and publicly apologize. I feel terrible for this blog. I really do. But I’m trying to get to the bottom of this. I want him found too. And if there’s anything you need to share, feel free. I want the truth to come out”
    This is what u said ericka. I hope u keep your word.


  11. Truth, I do understand what you just wrote and can see where you are coming from. The problem is…This blog is a plethora of questions, suspicions some accurate, some not. It is also a blog that serks the truth and the hope of finding what happened to Broque. He truly seemed like a big HEARTED guy, as I said earlier. I do not see any accusations or intentions of cruelty other than some of the words, name calling and death wishes thrown at Ericka. I kept hoping you or any one who said they knew Broque would add to the conversation in a positive, enlightening way. That couldve been accomplished yet there were attacks, threats and childishness instead. I would like to see this post played out so answers can be posted now that he has been found. That’s the only way the TRUTH will be seen and a great way for others to know the truth and know all the good in Broque we suspected was there. I personally want to know what happened to him. I have 5 grown sons and have had my share of heartbreak over them being hurt, making bad decisions and one having thoughts of suicide. Im very empathetic to this family. These stories are hard because there are so many these days so I myself want a type of closure as well. You may not understand that. I’m sorry for your pain.

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  12. This “blog” shows up as one of the first results on any search for him so anyone looking for funeral arrangements, etc..will find the link and be subjected to reliving the mountain of misinformation of “beliefs” in it.

    Ericka should remove this and apologize because SHE said she would. If you can’t stand by your own word, you stand for nothing.


  13. One more thing, Justina and all, if you and the family do not “need to see ” this blog it’s real simple. Dont visit. Don’t come. I for one love adding my free opinion here but it is ultimately MY choice. Ericka is feisty and speaks her mind. She warned you in her address at the beginning of this blog so you need to accept that you are on HER territory. She is compassionate and balanced and has a sixth sense about things that is obvious. I truly wish you all peace and healing but you’re not going to find it chasing and hurting others. Now is the time to focus on your family and help all those innocent fatherless children left behind. The cause of Broques death is not an issue. His legacy is and you people are stomping on it right now.

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  14. Broques body was found. I’m sorry for this death, however I do not see why this post needs to be removed. Ericka, you did nothing wrong. You are a Blogger, you were asking, seeking and allowing all to join in to see what happened to this young father. Your gut feelings (as well as many others) will be proven correct, give it time. Just because he is deceased does not mean you lose your right to BLOG. In my humble opinion this family is bullying you for telling the truth. Where are you wrong? What is the cause of death? Were there drugs in his system? Did he commit suicide or was he murdered? This family has wished you were dead, called you horrible names and have been overbearing in regards to abusiveness. This not only should demand an apology from THEM it made Broque look bad and does not help his cause. Please do NOT take this post down. You will be setting yourself up for future attacks and in many ways you will be taking away from all who have expressed ourselves FREELY which is what you promised we could do on YOUR awesome Blog. I Stand by you. I know you are compassionate and gifted. Fight on and stand your ground. Bottom line is, they don’t have to visit. Big big hugs to you. And peace to the Cockrum family and friends . Move on people. Focus on healing not hurting.

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  15. Super funny coming from a Friend of ONE OF THE 4 BABY MOMMAS!!!!????
    Oh, BTW……..
    Was that supposed to come off as an insult to Ericka or Broque? It sure rings like one for the baby daddy of all those babies LEFT TO BE STATISTICS!
    Go get a job ya ignoramus my God, censor yourself. Have one of those baby mommas check your posts before ya trot on out and make a fool of yourself….HA HA HA HA! Next?


  16. The Doesn’t matter post has hit the nail right on the head. Please just be dead so your kids can finally after all these years get the financial support they need because we know you never helped one bit.


  17. Ericka, I’m not allowed to talk about it but I can assure you Brock isn’t coming home. Brock didn’t run away from his responsibilities, he had many jobs, he took care of all his kids, he had every intention of coming home, he was about to get his own apartment, he was about To go back to school, and a very important man who has connections with veterans was helping him with this. He was excited to come home and continue trying to do better every day. He was a good man, a good soul, a good heart. He didn’t deserve what happened to him and he doesn’t deserve to be talked about in this way.
    Also I’m not saying his body was found, but I can not tell u anymore then that due to the police. I rly do hope u feel bad about this cuz this hurts and to feel this pain on top of the pain I’m already going thru is truly upsetting


  18. And the fact that u gotta bring up that I hate Jews. You are black correct? Then why don’t you know your own roots. The blacks are gods chosen people. Jesus wasn’t white he was black. Israel belongs to the real black Hebrews. But it was stolen by the white man. Forgive me for hating such evil people and I will openly admit that.


  19. It’s legal in Massachusetts? I didn’t know that. OK so anyway I promise that if your nephew is in fact deceased which I hope isn’t true, I’ll recant my blog and publicly apologize. I feel terrible for this blog. I really do. But I’m trying to get to the bottom of this. I want him found too. And if there’s anything you need to share, feel free. I want the truth to come out


  20. When the news comes out about brock publicly you are gonna eat your words. Brock isn’t coming home. Foul play is involved. Helicopters are looking for him and possibly a scuba team for new evidence found. The outcome will not be good. Message me on fb and I’ll send u the video. What the judge said in court isn’t what was said in tha article. And I have a medical marijuana card and oh WEED IS LEGAL! You’re truly awful for this and when the news goes public I hope u feel like shit for posting this. Brock is nothing like what u say. He has girls that fall in love with him and when he doesn’t want them they talk a lot of shit. He’s an attractive man and a ladies man yes. Many girls want him but he was only with one girl at a time. These girls trapped him and got pregnant on purpose.

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  21. I’m not blaming you for anything. I was actually shocked to learn about the connection. If the story isn’t true you might want to contact the many many sites who are posting it. And I don’t think the judge is lying. He is quoted Allie. But since you say it’s a lie, sure I’d love to see the link to the video. Don’t be embarrassed Allie. Nobody is perfect. By the way… Are you a drug dealer or your boyfriend? I’m just asking where you’d get that huge bag of weed?


  22. This is Brock’s aunt Allie. I can not believe you turned brocks story into digging up my past which those things happen years ago when brock was In the army. What I do has nothing to do with brock. And brock was not living with crystal he was living with me. I hope you never have to feel the pain that I feel that my nephew is dead, then to bring up my skeletons? Wow that’s incredibly pathetic. 1. The story about making a video of me using is false. If u would like to see the video I’ll happily show u, that all I did was say fuck the police. I wasn’t smoking anything or doing any drugs in the video. They were supposed to retract that story. 2. The reason I hate Jews is because the Jews we see today are not the true Hebrews of Israel. The Jews we see today stole the holy land and the religion. Do your research. I’d like to ask u to take this incredibly fucked up blog down about my nephew. If you wanna write one about brock that’s fine but don’t u dare bring my name or photos into this. That mugshot was from 5 years ago, right before the mugshot was taken I had just died from a heroin overdose, I was narcanned and brought back to life only to be arrested on a warrant. I’m getting the feeling that ur blaming his disappearance on me and that is cruel and uncalled for. I have been clean for over a year and so brock was clean too. This is disgusting to bring me up and into this, he left my house to go toVA and he had every intention on coming home. Plus there is more info on Brock’s disappearance then what the public knows. Only the family knows. Brock is never coming home. And u just shit on me and my family for entertainment. I hope u never have to feel this pain and then have someone mock you. If ur in my Facebook please remove yourself. Idk how u got my name or info but I want it off of here right now. My past is the past, I was young and stupid and brock was too. Brock and I were doing great before he left. I believe this is the cruelest thing u could do to a grieving family.


  23. Truth I don’t think it’s a matter of Right or wrong. I think it’s a matter of my opinion. And I’m concerned that this guy doesn’t want to be found. What’s wrong with saying that? If this family is grieving a loss that isn’t a loss at all but a choice somebody needs to say it. I did.


  24. If you want to go after the Casey Anthony’s of the world, more power to you, but here you are dragging up irrelevant matters of family members of a missing veteran- someone who has likely harmed no one but himself. It is a sad time for his family, as it would be for any family,and disparaging their attempts to find him without fist hand knowledge what they may/may not be doing is simply wrong.


  25. Lol truth. I love what I do. And I’ve never destroyed a family. I don’t have that kind of power. Karma comes to everyone. Criminals in my family have gone to jail just like anybody else. If anyone in my family was arrested it’s PUBLIC information. Any and everybody would have access to it. If anyone is on drugs, that’s their problem. Not mine. I don’t thrive off of pain. I thrive off exposing frauds, liars, racists, rapists, con artists, child abusers, hypocrites. YES I’m certain folks in my family have skeletons. EVERY FAMILY DOES. AND if you ever read a story about me or anybody else, write about it. Who cares?!?


  26. Real talent here- trolling the Internet tearing up other people’s families. Hope there are no skeletons in your family’s closet- karma. So much for “surrounding yourself with positive experiences.” You thrive off other people’s pain. Your mother must be rolling over in her grave.


  27. Well I spoke to.cold case detectives earlier today just wanted to speak to someone in family to tell them what I saw OK.just wanna help them anyway


  28. Ummm excuse me. Lol even if the content is shitty, it’s still a Real blog. Look that’s up to them to reply back. If you think you have information, then share it with the police. Don’t complain about my blog because you don’t have Facebook. Her name is Kayla Cockrum. Look her up.


  29. Does anyone have info on how I can contact his sister of other family I work near the last place he was seen..And would really like to speak to the family..Thank you


  30. Hmmmmmmm.
    Ericka I gotta say it. Every time a Troll attempts to undermine you I have to fight the urge to jump in and ferociously attack. I wait it out only to find consistently that you handle yourself fine.
    My thoughts on DON’T WORRY .
    Insignificant to say the least. I know for a fact that this person (female for certain) doesn’t even know Broque. She is lonely and emotional, which is okay because we all get that way. She’s attention seeking and probably explodes and loses control often, running people out of her life. She cannot keep on topic, needs to belittle by calling names and is more than likely a self absorbed Foodie (me too😀) which is why she tried to use that as a cut down….she loathes herself because She can’t control her eating when she should try to love herself as she is. She is pathological, believing her own lies. She makes broad, sweeping statements (always, never, No one etc) to validate herself because the people that know her invalidate her because she blows things up and exaggerates much. She won’t stop.
    She will change her name and possibly try to deceive and come off as sweet next time, attempting to get on your good side before bombing your Awesome Blog again. Covertly.
    She may even double up and play both names against each other.
    She “barely skimmed the comments” which proves she can’t be reasonable and thorough.
    She is out numbered and should just go away. I say let’s ignore her. That’s the worst thing one can do to someone who has to create a life and lie about knowing someone just to feel connected. If she really knew Broque, and if she was a stable person she would take a minute and share on this blog what she knows and contribute to the positive, reasonable sleuthing that happens in Erickas house.
    Omg I love exposing trolls.
    Keep up your good work Ericka. I look forward to hanging out at the end of the day. ✌

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  31. Don’t worry, you’re becoming disrespectful. And you don’t have class or manners. What I’m happy about is seeing the types of people he associates with. All of your little personal insults are on defeaned ears. And to let you know, NOBODY else is talking about him in the news. However, on MY BLOG, the stats are increasing. Now I’ve been cordial to you, please stop all the stupidity. I understand you want this dude found, but let me tell you this. I’m NOT DELETING ONE WORD FROM THIS BLOG. My opinion of BROQUE will stay the same. Until otherwise proven, he’s voluntary missing. If you keep talking shit I’ll post more information. Keep on talking and you’ll get the ERICKA COURTNEY treatment. You’re starting to piss me off. Let me tell you this. My name is on this blog and I don’t scare easily. That’s my photo. That’s all me.


  32. First of all. If you dont know the gamily, friends or anyone who actually knew Broque you can go ahead and shut your damn mouth right now. You’re an insecure little bitch who hides behind a “blog” and keyboard to make yourself feel wanted and popular. You belittle a man you have never met or had the pleasure of talking to. Broque may have his own demons, but what person in this day in age doesnt ?? Who are you to sit here and judge on a situation when you KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the person (s) involved, let alone the main person its about. I hung out and spoke with Broque begore he left Mass; hes an amazing guy thats fighting through his own shit. So unless you’ve sat down and had him pour his heart out to you and vice-versa you have no room to talk. I barely skimmed the comments, but you love food? So why dont you go shove another twinkie in your lying, bigoted mouth – and stop trying to play reporter on some conspiracy theory you made up to post online to feel like people give a shit about you or what you have to say.


  33. Okay honestly. If you Don’t have anything useful to add, could you to kindly FUCK OFF?! Nobody wants to here your bullshit so stop acting like a child and grow up. All you are is a keyboard warrior with no life and has nothing else to do with your life. Go outside and do something with your pathetic life.


  34. As a member of the family, and broche noche being my god damn little brother… this article is wrong. One member of our family made a huge mark or trouble, sure. Your call on no mention of him is a lie, check the dates including facebook. If you’d like to sit on your ass and talk trash about my family so be it, but have your facts correct.


  35. Yes that is broque in the photo with his daughter. I understand you have a job to do. As we all do. And i do appericate you getting the word out on our friend. I know i came off harsh before and im sry for that. Its just hard when everyone is speculating on the fact that they believe he is on drugs and some man whore. Its hard when you have known someone for 16 years and people say things that i know for a fact to be false. Again i know you are doing your job and trying to bring awareness to his case. We all just want him home.


  36. My name is Sarah. If you would like to look me up you may. I was paralyzed at age 9 and you can go ahead and read the article. Sarah Deckert relief in court is the article. When you read the article you will understand how much I’ve had to overcome, and I would’ve never been able to do it without Broque and Crystal.


  37. Lol retarded is not nice Sarah. Please calm down. Everybody doesn’t think this about him. Just me and I’m just guessing. I’m guessing your name isn’t Sarah. Listen I hope you’re right about him. I don’t mind being wrong. I’d prefer when family members and friends come on and shed light to their truths. This story had nothing and people aren’t talking about him much.


  38. I love how you add your race to the common. I’m not racist so I’m not sure what you being black and retarded has to do with anything. Please re-read your blog. You mentioned that you were a complete creep and saw that he had a go fund me for Christmas. I’m sure if you keep creeping on him you’ll find other events that I made for him as well, like birthday party invites. And I’m not sure why you are so interested in where he worked or what he did all day when you don’t even know him. And as a matter of Fact, He lived with my best friend who you also stalked, and he had a job the entire time. And if you would like to speak to one of his employers , you are. I am disabled and he worked part time as my PCA. So not only would he do anything for his kids, he has a huge heart And did everything he could to help me out. So you posting this article is pretty upsetting because not only did he always work, but he worked for me as well . He still would be today if we knew where he was. I’m sorry you think he looks like an addict … but I can promise you he wasn’t. Being disabled I wouldn’t let someone like who you are trying to describe EVER help me out. I want nothing to do with people like that. Please find the videos of him singing to his kids or him being the real B-R-O-Q-U-E. whoever you are describing is not him. Being disabled, it’s hard finding true friends. Broque was ALWAYS there for me when I was upset. Pissed off about life wanting to give up. Broque would not only listen and sympathize, but push me to be better. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have gone to school this year. I was ready to give up and he made me realize how stupid I was being. He pushes the ones he loves to better themselves and every day he tries to be a better person than the day before. This is just very upsetting to me because he is one of my best friends. He is a great person. I’m heartbroken to know people think this about him.


  39. Oh man that was harsh Sarah. I’m glad my self esteem doesn’t rest on your words. You have some great material especially the train track part. And you’re right I could lose some weight. Food is really good though. OK so about Brock, I didn’t know there was a gofundme. Thank you for that. Brock wasn’t alive 55 years ago. He does look like an addict. Where was he working before he went missing? I’d love to hear from his co-workers. 😊 listen as far as I’m concerned Brock didn’t want to work at all and it wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t a drug dealer or an addict who’s claiming disability because of his drug addiction, and calling it an illness. That seems to be the type of family this guy comes from. It’s all good, I have a couple of those in my family. I don’t remember saying anything about blizzards. My grammar errors are due to me being black. I can’t help it. And now I’m getting ready to end it all by taking that nap.


  40. First off, get a FUCKING life! You look pretty stupid, so I’m sure you don’t realize that just because one family member is a bad seed doesn’t mean the whole family is just like that one person. Also, you should probably find a new hobby because you suck at blogging. Your grammar makes me embarrassed for your existence. You should probably get a life as well because it’s pretty pathetic you find the need to creep on Broque so hard. Looking up Twitter accounts? I’m sure he’s not the same person he was 15 years ago when he made the account. As for drugs, I don’t know how you think he looks like he’s on drugs but then again you are just and embarrassment to real bloggers. I love how you made so much information up you are very creative. Nothing you have said in the story is true, and it’s also disgusting that you need to stock people and take pictures. If you did your stocking correctly you would realize that his whole family and all of his friends have been sharing his link. as for the go fund me, I fucking made it and then deleted it realizing it was stupid. He is a hard-working guy and a great father. Sorry the information you found 20 years ago is a little off base, but get your shit right. He does everything in his power for his children. He would walk in a blizzard with no socks just to get his kids something special. Before you imply that he is a loser and has to walk in blizzards to go places, I’m saying hypothetically he would do that because that’s the kind of father he is. instead of making up bullshit and making people who know the real story and really care about him extremely upset, why don’t you go take a nap on the train tracks? I think it’s funny that you say you’re not a gossip, but everything you say is a lie and you clearly have no life in order to stalk YouTube videos and accounts from 55 years ago. I’m not sure what his mother and aunt have to do with anything as well. But I can say for sure that even though you are posting mug shot pictures they look better than you ever will. Maybe if you lost some weight you wouldn’t be so insecure about yourself and feel the need to talk shit and start rumors about people who could be in trouble.


  41. Me too Sandra Jean. I’m just calling it like I see it. A few of his photos he looks sunken in and like an addict. I never said he was, I said he looked like it. Yes they presented is with a photo and said it was recent, but I don’t know what’s factual. So I present the possibilities that this isn’t a kidnapping or missing persons case . Of course I hope I’m wrong but then that would mean he’s probably dead. I’m thinking he’s getting a check every month because he is considered disabled. So he has money to live on. What’s a ✆ when you can just by another one?


  42. Doesn’t Matter I’m taking what you say you know about this man to heart.
    Famy members naturally tend to defend and overlook facts to protect. That’s normal. It’s always good to have the other side of the story.

    This is how a good Blog works. I feel for that young girl who has his children. If this is accurate I’m sad to say this man will be crying the bitter tears as he ages and has a dozen kids yet no family. Happens all the time. I hope the best for all.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. This druggie ran away from his responsibilities just like he did with all his other kids. He is a known cheater was caught posting himself on Craigslist looking for sex when he was with Crystal. He never loved her and never wanted to stay with her. He cheated on every girl he has been with. And news flash people he never fought in the war he went through boot camp then got booted because he got a DUI and was on drugs. He’s not dead he’s hiding he never planned on coming back too Massachusetts that’s why the day before he was suppose to get on a plane back here boom he goes missing. That’s why his Facebook is not longer active. He’s a loser and when he is found by then he will be remarried with 4 more children on the way.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Stick with it Ericka, You’re one of the few girls I know who can find the right side of a tightrope and still keep walkin it…yeah.

    It’s part of the job. 👍👍

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  45. blog
    a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

    Just FYI.

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  46. Take this bullshit down. You should be ashamed of yourself writing about this young man when you don’t have all of the facts. Do you work for the police department? NO. Are you the young lady he visited the night he went missing? NO. You are writing based on pure speculation. Get a real job.


  47. You know how many times I hear that this is not the man or woman I know? Listen if you don’t know and have nothing to contribute what’s the point of this? I’m looking for answers not more walls. Nobody in law enforcement is looking for him. Why? Tell me why there are no search parties forming. By the way, two soldiers went missing and guess what? They will get plenty attention. Insulting me won’t help a thing.


  48. First off never once did i threaten you. I just dont under stand how you can write stuff like this when you nor i know the whole story. You can stir the pot all you like but the fact of the matter is you dont know the truth. All i was saying is his family can read this. And for you to speculate that he is on a drug binge or not wanting to be found is crazy. I have known him for many years and yes people change but this isnt the broque i know.


  49. To whom it may concern…
    This is a rare Blog that offers freedom of thought, speculation, opinion, response, reaction and opportunities for personal ideas to be expressed based on information and experience.The media doesn’t always get it right. So humans like us (You and I) get to dig around, poke, stir the pot and in some cases….piss others off. That’s the point. In the end the offered information gets kicked around, sifted through and sometimes thrown out after being proven wrong. I’ve seen nothing inappropriate or out of line here. There is compassion and some edgy nerve thrown in….but the motive is to understand and find the facts. Thats called a Blog. Your input counts. So does mine and everyone who chooses to stop by and join in. Let’s try to Add to the purpose. No hit and runs please…happy New year and good energy and prayers to all.

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  50. What the hell? It’s New Year’s Eve dammit cheer up! Can you do me a favor? Save all insults and threats for tomorrow. I’m really not in the mood for it tonight. I’m trying to enjoy My evening. Stop being a buzz killer. 😛😛😛


  51. You have got to be kidding me with this post? Do you even think before you write? For christ sske his family can see this. How can you write about someone you don’t even know? You can speculate all you want but the truth of the matter is an amazing person is missing. And your on here posting shit when you dont even know what is going on!


  52. Hey Sandra Jean I did send her a messge and she replied back. I’m waiting for her thoughts on my message. Of course I’m compassionate but I’m also trying to get to the bottom of this. The gofundme was taken down. It was from last year. I haven’t seen anything for this year. I’d think that she would have ditched his items as well. But at the same time, returning them makes her look innocent. There is nothing in his girlfriends page that gives a hint of anger or malice. She is in love with him.


  53. Hmmmmmm, Ericka do you know what happened to the GoFund me $? Maybe I missed something. Also he mentioned some things in that vid that may have offended “mexicans” etc… he seems to have a heart about the right things. I would think that the woman who brought his clothes and belongings would not have anything to do with his disappearance other wise she would’ve ditched that stuff somewhere. Maybe his wife or mother of his children busted him and he had to leave fast, good point about him not leaving in his underwear….. This is a strange story. Seems like a good guy tho. I hope he comes up soon. Also, just wondering about the sister’s post, if it’s legit or not. I may get heat for questioning but hey there are trolls and I didnt see her ask you for contact info or offer hers.

    Liked by 1 person

  54. if you want the real story about my brother you can glady contact me. but the shit that is in this blog isnt right at all..


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