Have you heard that it’s a fact that we lose weight in our sleep? Perhaps a pound or so a night.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m starting to rethink my eating habits. Yes I overdid it with the Sweet Potatoe pie and yes I’m still paying for it. Now is the time to think about weight loss. But I can’t just lose weight like a normal person. I gotta find out where it’s going. Like literally, WHERE IS IT GOING?!? I wanna know.

Well after reading some articles I think I know. Basically it vanishes into the air so to speak in the form of Carbon Monoxide. Say what? I have Carbon Monoxide inside my body? I don’t like this at all. According to the smart people out there, yeah we all got it. Now I was told that when we die, gases are released in the air. Honestly I’m a little bit pissed right now. I don’t like the fact that I’m basically a mixture of gases, blood, water, fat, and bones. I had higher expectations for my innards.

Oh I’m sorry. It’s carbon DIOXIDE. Whew! Anyway.

This video is pretty cool. It gives a bit of a breakdown as to what REALLY happens when we lose weight. Of course knowing myself and how lazy I am, I figured I’d just lay in bed and breathe heavily all day but that’s not going to work. I don’t want to hyperventilate. So I’ve decided to become a phone sex operator because heavy breathing is a requirement and highly appreciated. Or I’ll become a lamaze trainer.

Either way. I’m absolutely excited that we don’t gain weight the same way we lose it. Imagine breathing in fat. Imagine that fat is contagious. Omg I wouldn’t have any thick friends. I can’t have that rubbing off on me.

Studies show that getting 7 hours or more of good sleep every night is conducive to a healthier weight.

Studies also show that shutting down the kitchen early is also crucial for weight loss. Basically no late night snacking. My rule of thumb is only fruits or veggies for a snack at night. Maybe a fat free yogurt.

The fact remains that in order to lose weight, we have to eat less. It’s not necessarily about Carbohydrates versus proteins. It’s about your daily activity. It’s about your metabolism and your age. I’ve noticed that the older I get, the easier it is for me to put on weight. Strangely enough, my appetite when I was younger was light. But after having children, it grew ravenous. The plus to this is overall I’m healthy.

I have to admit pizza is my weakness. Oh and anything buttery and garlicky. Oh and anything saucy. Oh and anything sweet.

But let’s be upfront about weight. I’m not shaming anyone. PERSONALLY I don’t see how people can live with obesity. I get so uncomfortable after a certain point. But my comfort level is different from others. If I can’t button my jeans or tie my shoes easily, I start to freak out. If I’m putting on a shirt and it keeps rolling up and digging into my rolls, I hate it. If I’m putting on a jacket because I feel self conscious about my body, that’s not good. I have to fix it. To me confidence is key. If you feel good about yourself when you walk out the door, then you are fine. Sometimes it’s not about wearing the tiny crop top. Especially if you’ve outgrown it. Find a more suitable top and keep your confidence high. And work towards the goal of fitting back into that shirt.

I never walk outside unless I’ve checked my self esteem. Even if I have to wear a size larger, at least I look comfortable. NOBODY has to know the size. When you’re clearly squeezing into your clothing, it makes you look bigger. You feel restricted and it doesn’t do anything to build you.


It’s really a personal choice. Me drinking 8 glasses of water a day is so stupid. I used to try it and I ended up with insane bloating. Having a healthy active lifestyle of going to the gym and working out is great. But just put back what you lose and NEVER guzzle water before your workout. Take lite sips and hydrate well several hours BEFORE your workout.


The forgotten calorie. How many of you count your alcohol calories? Lol I never did. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Until you have gained 10 pounds and never eat sweets and exercise regularly. But you forget that every day after work you grab a few beers and kick back. Then on the weekends because it’s the WEEKEND you chill with a few more drinks.

What about Soda?

Yikes! How much do you drink? Do you forget about your drink choices? All of that has to be accounted for. We don’t remember it though. We look at the scale like WTF!!! Remember that sweet ass Chick Fil- A lemonade? Or the Latte that you have every morning because you gotta have your coffee. You know how you love extra whipped cream? All adds up over time. And we barely even notice it. I try my hardest not to drink my calories unless it’s a fruit smoothie that I MADE at home. Lol I can’t trust nobody’s smoothie! I don’t do milk well. I’m kinda lactose intolerant. So when I ordered a smoothie one day and my stomach swole like I was 5 months pregnant, I’d had enough. I wish they had used OJ.

Remember we can’t always control the ingredients when we eat out. So be mindful.

For my New Year Resolution I just have one set of rules.

Feel good, stay positive, smile, be grateful, and don’t give the haters a voice. Keep your circle drama free, love those who love you.

Hopefully by the time NYD comes around I’ll be well on my way to having exhaled the pumpkin pie.