Sherri Papini has been declared unable to give any description about her ALLEGED kidnappers. Sheriff Bosenko has officially stated that there is no anticipation of ever receiving a detailed description or composite sketch. Sherri claims that for the 22 day ordeal either her head was covered or their faces were. So was their really even black hair? Do we have anything? How were the eyebrows seen but not the face? You can’t cover your eyes and still see what you’re doing.

If shes locked in a room and they planned to kidnap her, wouldn’t the plan have been better? I was literally waiting for her to come forth and say something more concrete. And now, we won’t be getting that. Why are we even looking for Latino women at all? Lol Why are we even thinking about a dark SUV?

So more information about the woman who claims she saw Sherri at the gas station is being revealed.

According to  Umbrella of Suspicion who are some of the few sites still interested in this case besides me, they’ve uncovered something of relevance. I took the liberty of doing a search for the Email address that was used ( and this is what I found.

screenshot_2016-12-21-12-43-21 Another IP address associated with this email.

Here’s an excerpt from them

{Last week myself and my fabulous sleuthing partners over at Truth Sleuth made an interesting discovery. We spent hours tracing the anonymous donor’s email address ( That is the same email address that created the Anonymous Donor’s website. We were able to trace that email back  Tower View Court in Redding, a mere block from Air Shasta Rotor and Wing.  Please keep in mind that api address pings will not hit in the exact location but with in a one blockscreenshot_2016-12-22-07-53-17or so radius.

Yep, folks according to our research and the help of some professional IT’s, it appears that the Anonymous Donor email address originated from the business owned by Christina Everson and her husband. From that fact, it is safe to assume that either Christian Everson is herself the Anonymous Donor or is in very close affiliation with the “Anonymous Donor”.  That find alone places her story about seeing Sherri on the 22nd under heavy scrutiny.}


[Christine and husband David, who were towing a large trailer behind their car, were traveling with their 13-year-old son to visit their daughter who is attending college in San Luis Obispo.

Christine is Marketing Director at Air Shasta Rotor & Wing in Redding, a private plane charter and helicopter tour company which her David run together.]

So yes it’s safe to say that Christina Everson either is the anonymous donor or she knows who it is. ( No I don’t believe there was a donor or a real kidnapping) but for the story sake, we need to go there. That means if this is true,  she faked a lack of knowledge in this case. I’d say she omitted some serious shit.

Christina and David


I saw this blonde lady in a blue pick-up truck about ten yards away from where we were parked and I kind of did a double take.

‘I said, “This looks like Sherri Papini here”, so I walked over, the guys had left the car, I walked over and her window was down a little.

‘It was just odd how the men were coming back and forth, I’m a mom-of-five and I’ve got great women’s intuition and I’m also a survivor, I was held hostage when I was a young girl. Probably my senses were a little bit heightened.’

When Christine approached the truck she said the woman inside looked ‘tired’ and ‘worn out’ and appeared not to have washed her hair in days.

Christine had seen a lot of the news coverage of Sherri Papini’s disappearance in the weeks before and had a good idea what the mom-of-two looked like.

And she was convinced it was the pretty 34-year-old sat in the truck in front of her

‘She was blond and very pretty, and I thought it could definitely be her, she was the right age,’ Christine recalls.

‘I obviously haven’t seen Sherri in person so I couldn’t be 100%, but it was a close enough resemblance that I couldn’t just drive away and have that question mark in my mind.

‘I said, “You look like that woman who was abducted here in Redding, are you okay?”

‘She never answered me, she didn’t answer yes, she didn’t answer no, she just looked at me.

‘And I said, “Are you being held against your will? ‘Do you need me to call 911 right now?” And again she didn’t answer.

‘By this point my mommy’s bonnet was buzzing, I knew something wasn’t right, it was very strange.

‘Sex trafficking in this area is getting very big, so I was thinking that’s what’s happening here.

‘I’m part of an anti-sex trafficking coalition in town, and I’m thinking is she maybe being trafficked.’

Christine said that before she left she told the woman that she would be willing to meet her in the bathroom to help her escape.

‘I said, “I’d be willing to meet you in there and we can make arrangements for you if you are being trafficked, or there is a phone number in there and we have safe houses here in Redding.”

She said “thanks”, that’s all she said to me and put her head down. Something wasn’t right.’

Troubled by what she saw Christine added: ‘She was definitely subdued, almost cautious. ‘She seemed scared in the sense that she didn’t want to be caught talking to me, in the way that a child has been told not to talk to strangers. She was extremely hesitant and wouldn’t give me any eye contact.

‘My husband said to me, “why are you getting involved”, and I said, “if it were me I’d want to know that someone stopped and cared, if she’s being trafficked, that’s somebody’s daughter.” I wanted her to know that she had options.’

Christine said the men returned to the truck and stared at her, but they didn’t speak.

At no point did the woman get out of the car.

She said: ‘We left before they left. I gave myself about five minutes down the road before I called the police.

‘I gave them the number of the car and a description.’…

Now as you can read, Christine states she’d never seen Sherri Papini in person before. Do I have proof otherwise? Hell no. What am I? The FBI? But what I’m telling you is that the Good Samaritan wasn’t so good and wasn’t so honest.

How do you feel today knowing that I’m presenting this information that the woman who claims to have seen her at a gas station is also possibly tied with the donor or the actual donor?

She claims that her husband asked her why was she getting involved. But the truth of the matter is the address was created by them. The email address came directly from them. So they can’t pretend that they don’t have anything to do with the situation. Many of you out there actually trusted the accounts of the witnesses, but I did. I didn’t see any logical reason for doubting them.

So the question remains, was this a hoax and how many people in this town are aware of this? Why did they create this story about an anonymous donor? They specifically stated that his donor was not local. They specifically stated that the donor was traveling into California and would only be here for a week or so and would be leaving after that. Proof above shows they lied.

Alright Alison Sutton. She’s the woman who saw Sherri Papini in the morning on Thanksgiving. Remember she couldn’t stop to assist her but instead drove down the street a while then called 911. Well don’t you find it strange that BOTH witnesses did the exact same thing? They both waited until they got down the street. Were they afraid that law enforcement would tie them together? Why would they act so standoffish when they work together? Has anyone heard that Alison and Christine both deal in the same products? Have they ever come across as knowing each other?


Yes the two witnesses know each other. Lol


Alison Sutton is a doTERRA distributor. It’s all over her page. What’s the likelihood that they don’t know each other? Don’t they all live in Redding or close by? Yes.


Look at what Alison Sutton has to say about the ordeal. The woman who is questioning her did a great job. Basically it got her to admit that MAYBE that wasn’t Sherri. And also she proved herself the liar. As you can see, she states she was driving 70 mph. But the photo above shows that looks highly unlikely. Isn’t that residential or semi? Also if Sherri Papini was found in this location, why wasn’t she able to get help? Aren’t those houses? I suppose everyone was out of town.

Does Alison Sutton know Cameron Gamble?

Thanks to Umbrella of Suspicion. Thanks to my readers for your comments.

Do you guys have any thoughts? I’d love to hear them.


This blog was edited due to a lack of evidence. I had the information earlier and lost it. Please refer to Umbrella of Suspicion for all accurate details. I suck!

For the sake of argument and refusing to go down as a Libelous twat, I must confirm that ALL findings are third-party. Because I don’t know who my readers are I have to assume that some of you may be IT specialists or have inside information about IP lookups. That’s why I put the story that way. According to UOS this is accurate. Once again, please feel free to do your own research.

My apologies to my readers for the initial story.  😇😇😇