Okay so I’m going to attempt to make this my last blog regarding this subject. Unless further details come out.


1. How would you feel if the events took place EXACTLY as they stated?

2. If everything was proven without a shadow of a doubt to be 100% true what questions would you have and what would still not make any sense to you?


I’m presenting it because sometimes I act as an investigative blogger. I usually do pretty good. But there are times when I fail miserably. That’s okay I just keep going. But I wanted to post this to my fellow Skeptics who refuse to believe what their own eyes see at times.

I don’t know what drives us Skeptics. But sometimes it is very hard for us to let things go. And I don’t know if we obsess over things. But we like to see a finished product or a closed case that was solved. I’ve always been the person that Loves Murder Mysteries and Unsolved Mysteries and Cold Case Files so naturally I’m drawn to stories like that. And the ones that are too cut and dry I tend to steer away from them.

Take the Story of Danielle Stislicki. It has absolutely no meat. It’s so cold it’s like she planned it herself. What’s the point of digging into the story? It offers nothing. Yeah you can share it and hang up flyers, but there’s literally nothing there. But sometimes even in the  Barren land of detective work we still find a plot. But I really want to know what you think when you are wrong. Have you ever been wrong before?


Somebody goes missing and you think they’re dead. But in reality they were just voluntarily missing.

I think the people who have the biggest imaginations are the ones who are the best detectives. Because their mind will go places where nobody else would be thinking about going. Nothing is beside them. They’d accuse babies if they could.

I remember one time my kid was late home from school. You don’t want to know everything that went through my mind about where that child was. I had every thought you could imagine. She was at some boys house, she ran away from home, she was kidnapped, and the list goes on and on and on. Where does this come from? I have no idea. Maybe it’s a case where I just don’t trust anyone and I think people are capable of almost anything. Turns out her bus broke down and they were on the side of the road waiting for another bus.

One of the things about writing and reading about missing persons cases is it makes you insensitive at times. Because you read the news so much  or you write about the news so much sometimes you think you know how everything ends. And sometimes your thoughts can be the furthest from the truth. It’s just like a relationship. When you’re used to being in bad relationships, when a decent person comes along and shows the slightest familiarity, you don’t really trust their motives so you put a wall up. Because past experiences have taught you that this type of behavior may lead to a devastating end.

That’s the way it is with a lot of these cases. The ending is devastating. They never return home. Years and years go by with unanswered questions, Or we discovered that it was a hoax and time was wasted.

One thing I have to remember is to keep every case individually. Don’t treat two cases alike. Because no two cases are alike.

Happy reading!