NEW YORK — A Muslim woman who claimed she was harassed and called a “terrorist” on the subway at the beginning of December made up the entire story, police said Wednesday.

Yasmin Seweid, 18, has been charged with filing a false police report and obstructing government administration, according to WPIX-TV.

Police say Seweid lied about being attacked by three men yelling Donald Trump’s name on an uptown No. 6 train on Thursday, Dec. 1, near the 23rd Street subway station.

Seweid initially claimed the men called her a terrorist and tried to rip off her hijab saying “take that rag off your head.”

Police sources told WPIX Seweid made up the story following a spat with her parents over having sex with a man, which they had forbidden. Her parents allegedly shaved Seweid’s head over the incident.

Police say 18-year-old Yasmin Seweid lied about being harassed on a New York City subway train for being a Muslim. (Courtesy: WPIX-TV)

Days after she reported the attack, Seweid’s family reported her missing on Dec. 7. She was found on Dec. 9.

Law enforcement sources say no surveillance footage supported her claims and no witnesses confirmed the attack.

Seweid is expected to be arraigned Wednesday night.

OK first thing.  Let’s not pretend that many of Trumps white supporters weren’t hateful racist thugs.  But they all weren’t.  Some actually believed in his rhetoric.  That’s their right. Donald Trump won the election fair and square so why are people doing these despicable things just to try and garner attention?  

Politics brings out the worst in society.  It brings light to organizations who oppose certain views.  It breaks up relationships.  It’s a true divider. And if you decide to sit there and act like it doesn’t exist and that racism and discrimination aren’t real,  then you are full of shit. 

I’ve listened to all the hatred from many.  And all this Liberal versus Conservative bullshit is so stupid.  It’s just another thing to keep us separated.  It’s just like religion.  Everyone thinks their god is the RIGHT GOD and I’m over here saying,  fuck all of it.  It really doesn’t matter.  And I’ll take my chances with hell. I’ve been in Florida forever,  I’m used to the heat.  

The problem I have with this story is Not only was it completely stupid and negligent to accuse innocent bystanders of attacking you, but at the same time you are an adult and you don’t feel like you’re entitled to be yourself. So you concoct this plan that creates tension amongst our communities, tension that we don’t need. And for what? Because you chose to have sex with someone your parents forbade. Because you could not stand up to your parents and say this is your life you will live your life the way you want to. So you decided to create this huge scenario. What a cowardice thing to do. 

That is why I’m not a fan of religion and I’m not a fan of politics. It brings out the worst in people. And of course she’s not the only one. Last week I wrote a story about a black guy who torched his girlfriend’s car and wrote Trump all over her car and tried to make it seem like he was the victim of a hate crime. He even went as far as faking his own kidnapping. What is wrong with people?