Cops made an arrest in a 23-year-old cold case, busting a suspect who allegedly fled the country after gunning down his girlfriend and leaving her body in a Bronx apartment with their infant son.

Michael Stewart, 56, was arrested in Hartford, Conn., for the 1993 murder of Sofia Blair, 22, after over two decades as a free man.

Stewart, who was 33 at the time of the killing, was facing numerous drug-related charges and was planning to escape when he allegedly gunned down the young mother.

She had refused to go on the lam with him.

Stewart reportedly called Blair’s father to inform him of the grisly deed, before fleeing the country to Jamaica.

Blair was found lying on the bed of her Creston Avenue apartment in Fordham, with a gunshot to the head.

Their son, who was about 1 or 2 years old at the time, was discovered safe in his crib.

Authorities reopened the cold case in March 2014 after learning Stewart might be stateside and eventually tracked him to Connecticut.

It is unclear when exactly Stewart re-entered the US, but police sources say he got busy setting up shop in Hartford.

He operated under an assumed name and racked up more drug charges there, as well as an identity theft case.