​The worst part of this story is socks and SANDALS! !! Do you know how ugly and tacky that is?  Like really? I’m not letting a socks and sandals guy eat me. I’m sorry to all you out there who have been dreaming about enjoying my flesh,  but this ain’t the way to do it. 

Another thing and this is trivial. But I don’t like the length of his black strip thingy.  

It’s really short.  Lol just pointing that out.  

Next point.  This site exists?!? I wonder if this chick realized that he wasn’t joking.  We women tend to not take men at face value.  This story I wrote a long time ago the guy actually told the woman that he was looking for a sex slave. Well she thought about it in a romantic sense. Like something from kink.com but he was dead serious. He tied her up and beat the shit out of her daily.  He treated her like a slave.  And would you believe that she was surprised?  
Getlev Guenzel, 56, a former German police officer who was convicted of chopping up and partially eating Wojciech Stempniewicz, 59, after the pair hooked up on a cannibal-fetish website, had an extra month added to his murder conviction after a shocking photo emerged and went viral on social media.

The picture showcases Guenzel, clad only in socks and sandals, holding a battle ax in front of a human skeleton in the very basement where he killed and butchered Stempniewicz.

As a result, Guenzel will now serve eight years and seven months for his crimes.


The killing and consuming occurred in 2013, after Guenzel met Stempniewicz on a flesh-eating fetish outlet billed as “the #1 site for exotic meat.”

Apparently, Guenzel longed to eat someone, and Stempniewicz longed to be eaten. Once the duo made it down to Guenzel’s BDSM torture chamber basement, both men allegedly brought those fantasies to life and, in Stempniewicz’s case, death, as Guenzel slashed his partner-in-kink’s throat.

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During Guenzel’s 2015 murder trial, prosecutors played a video of the ex-cop in his underwear, chopping up Stempniewicz’s corpse while pop music plays in the background.

Authorities believe Guenzel then ate certain parts of Stempniewicz’s body, and buried the rest outside in the home’s garden. Investigators dug up Guenzel’s flowerbeds and found Stempniewicz — except for his penis and one testicle.

Following last year’s trial, the court sentenced Guenzel to eight and a half years in prison. It was less than the minimum of 15 years, because the defense successfully argued that Stempniewicz had desired and eagerly volunteered to die. “I am really sorry. I am partially responsible, but I am not a murderer,” Guenzel stated.

Guenzel’s claim that Stempniewicz essentially killed himself resulted in a second trial. The final result of that proceeding is the additional month tacked on to Guenzel’s original sentence.