Their ordeal started, at least publicly, in May when deputies responded to “a call of a possibly suicidal male with a gun” at the couple’s Orange County home. According to law enforcement, a massive presence showed up — 11 deputies and a helicopter.

Witnesses told cops they saw Tarek grab a gun from his safe, run out the back door and flee down a hiking trail. Shortly after, Christina was seen running out of the house crying and shaking.

Within minutes, the helicopter spotted Tarek on a trail and deputies told him to drop his weapon. Tarek complied and told deputes he had no intention of hurting himself. He said he wanted to “blow off some steam,” and only brought the gun for mountain lions and rattlesnakes.

Deputies went back to the house and ended up seizing 5 guns, including an AR-15.

Christina and Tarek tell us they decided to separate while they reevaluate their marriage. As far as the incident goes … they’ll only say it was an “unfortunate misunderstanding.”

They add … they’re committed to co-parenting, and … “will continue to work through this process civilly and cooperatively, and plan to continue our professional life together.”

According to AP,  HGTV says that it will honor any decision that works best for the couple and their children and that the home renovation series “will continue production as scheduled.”

Let me guess he’s suicidal because of all the money he gets from flipping houses? Oh please, what does he have to complain about? He has a great life. Unless the threat of suicide is the way he usually manipulates his wife into staying with him.

An unfortunate misunderstanding? I would call an unfortunate misunderstanding is the fact that in my house there are two mangoes and I ate one and I had another one left over and somebody ate it! How the hell does grabbing guns and suicidal thoughts and threats derive from a misunderstanding? Lol

This guys had an AR 15? Ok now look. What is it about these gun rights guys where every time they get upset the first thing they do is go and grab their Fucking gun!?! The gun you got to protect your family you are now turning it on them? Fucking pig! I hate that. I told you before that it’s why women don’t like guys that carry guns. Because we already know the moment that idiot gets upset he’s going to go and grab it because he’s stupid. I would hardly call that a responsible citizen. I think we are all entitled to the rights to bear arms but when the first thing you do when you’re upset is go and grab yours and intimidate your wife and your kids, you are a real piece of shit.

I watch their show from time to time. I love HGTV. But this couple right here, I always sensed tension between them. She always had this resting bitch face, and he always treated her like her opinion didn’t matter.

I’m glad they are splitting. And he needs to lay off the DRUGS because it’s obvious that he’s using!