• POLK COUNTY, Fla. – Two teenage boys were arrested in Polk County Saturday in connection with a shooting last week at a Pine Hills gas station that killed an innocent bystander, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.

    Jayvon Joachin, 16, and DeShawn Miller, 17, both of Orlando, are accused of stealing a Dodge Charger that was left running with the windows lowered outside a Winter Haven gas station shortly after 12:45 p.m., Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Donna Wood said.

    Five hours later, the boys were spotted driving west on Interstate 4, deputies said.

    After a 20-minute pursuit, deputies deployed stop sticks near Highway 557, causing the car to crash into a ditch, Wood said.

    Investigators said the pair of teens drove in a stolen Nissan Murano from an apartment complex in the city to a gas station Wednesday.







    They are suspected of shooting Kendra Lewis, 27, in the face while she was sitting in a car with her 5-year-old daughter at a Citgo gas station across the street from Evans High School, Orange County deputies said. The school district would not confirm if the teens attended Evans High School.

    Lewis, who was hospitalized at Orlando Regional Medical Center, died after being removed from life support Thursday afternoon.

    Investigators said she wasn’t the intended target but merely an innocent bystander who was caught in the crossfire.

    “This is an indication of an out of control crime wave,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said.

    During the arrest, Wood said Joachin had in his possession three window punches, a tool used to break windows.

    Deputies also found a handgun near Miller, she said.

    Detectives said that the weapon was stolen from the Tampa Arms Company Gun Shop during a burglary Nov. 29.

    The suspects were taken to Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center in Davenport to be treated for minor injuries.

    “Upon his arrest, Joachin confessed to the homicide and to stealing the Charger from Winter Haven,” Wood said.

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    Deputies said Miller’s arrest history dates back to 2013 and includes 20 felony charges, 11 misdemeanor charges and one felony conviction.

    Joachin’s arrest history dates back to 2014 and includes seven felony charges, two misdemeanor charges but no convictions, investigators said.

    Both were booked into the Juvenile Assessment Center in Bartow on a slew of charges, including homicide and grand theft. The teens have been ordered by a judge to stay in the juvenile detention center until they’re arraigned later this week.

    Lewis’ cousin Renee Jones said it was difficult to grapple with the ongoing violence in the Pine Hills neighborhood.

    “It’s absolutely unreal because it’s at our front door now,” she said.

    Something has to be done and it has to start with Pine Hills residents, Jones added.

    “We can’t leave it up to the sheriff’s department. We can’t leave it up to our government officials because they don’t live here,” she said. “We live here.”

    The teens will be extradited to Orange County.

    State investigators told Channel 9’s Angela Jacobs that they’re working to confirm if a firearm found with Miller is one of the 35 taken from a smash and grab at a Tampa guns store two weeks ago.

    So we want to give them a chance to see exactly whether they can be productive members of society correct? But between the two of them they have around 30 felonies and they have not even reached the age of eighteen yet. But we want to try and help them? I don’t think that’s what we need to be doing. I think these two have already shown Society exactly what they are made of and exactly what their contributions in the future will look like. So I’m not willing to spend one dime to try to rehabilitate these two.

    Do you know how many children come from broken homes? Do you know how many sons and daughters are raised without fathers? Do you know how many of those people never committed any violent crimes against anyone? So let’s not give them an excuse for bad behavior. Bad character and bad behavior is a reflection of the individual person. It has absolutely nothing to do with their circumstances or their lifestyle.

    Worst case scenario, you are homeless and you’re hungry. So what do you do? You still clothing and you steal food. Those are still crimes correct? But nobody has to die because those are considered petty theft. But where does the smash-and-grab stealing and toting pistols, the stealing cars, the high-speed chases, and the shooting innocent bystanders come from? Are you trying to tell me that that’s what boys do when they are raised without fathers?

    So they are angry huh? Yeah living in a third world country, eating scraps from the garbage. Seeing pestilence and dying babies in the streets will do that to you.

    Oh wait they are in Orange County Florida. That’s nothing like 3rd world. The environment that these boys live in is the environment that they are creating for themselves. They have no respect for hard work. Bring back the Chain Gang. Put their asses to work. Put them in the fields. If they want to be treated like they have no sense of decency or proper civilization, treat them like servants. You can’t continue to treat criminals with respect when they shit on the innocent.

    If they are angry they are mad at the system that suggests that you EARN YOUR WAY! A lot of them grew up with welfare moms who lived on the system and they never taught them respect or responsibility. I remember one day I was in the gas station and I was getting a coffee and something else. This tiny little black kid who could not have been more than  3 looked at me and said “watch where you are going.” So I looked at that little ugly snot-nose fucker and I said “you watch where you are going!” True story. His mom looks at me and says what did he say to you? And I said he told me to watch where I was going. She burst out laughing. In a sense was it funny? Of course it was. But she didn’t correct him. Later on I heard this same brat singing, Baking soda, I got baking soda! He was rapping! Omg I wanted to commit a crime that day. I knew he wasn’t going to get correction. Parents like that find it funny and cute when their kids are jerks. Until that little bebe kid grows up and starts terrorizing the neighborhood. Then they wanna yell POLICE BRUTALITY! Nah what it is is the cops are beating that ass for shit you let them get away with.

    With all the felony charges these boys were faced with in the past they’ve pretty much got a slap on the wrist. And obviously they learned nothing. Some child is without their mother, some mothers without their daughter, some sister is missing her sister. These boys took this young lady away from her family. I don’t care if it was an accident. They know they should not have had a gun. They know right from wrong. This shooting also took place close to a school. Throw the book at em.