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{Just days after Sherri Papini told police that two Hispanic women abducted her and held her captive, an expert has pointed at the involvement of “serial rapist, serial killer” in the case. Serial killer profiler John Kelly told People magazine Friday that he isn’t convinced that two armed women kidnapped the 34-year-old woman.

The expert said that he is convinced the case “has serial rapist, serial killer all over it,” adding that whoever abducted Papini left her “scared to death of these people.” Kelly said that the people involved in the kidnapping have terrified Papini into lying about her abductor’s identity.

“This is a sadistic situation, and she somehow was able to convince them to let her go,” Kelly told People in this week’s issue.

“She somehow got them to believe she would not squeal on them,” he said reportedly. “It’s only by an act of God that they let her go. I have a hard time understanding that as sadistic as these [people] are — and I’ve hunted many of them — would let someone live.”

According to the expert Kelly, the branding could be a sign that Papini’s abductors wanted her for sex-trafficking, but he said he wouldn’t be surprised if the branding was done to “throw the case off.”

“It’s called staging,” he told People. “They’ve set up that it was two women, that they picked on you because you are this all-American girl, that they are Hispanic and upset with the political climate, and we will tattoo a message on you that corresponds.”}

 I love what this analyst has to say about the situation being a political climate event. Other than that, it’s bullshit. Because from Keith Papinis own admission he even mentions the thought of a race war. He just pulled that right out of a hat and none of us knew where that came from. Yes we have the post about Sherri’s experiences as a teenager in high school with Hispanics and her donning the white supremacist hat in our faces. Now some of you may say actually that’s quite a bit. And I have to kind of agree with you.  But regardless of that fact, that was so many years ago. Who would think that she was still carrying around this sort of Grudge or this sort of disposition toward ethnics? I know I’ve pretty much forgotten about all of my bullies.

So what exactly prompted Keith and this alleged kidnapping to take place when it actually did? We realize that there was a lot of racial tension in the air. I myself have stayed away from politics because I just don’t want to deal with any backlash.

But the emotions of many are pretty high. They were high. Okay so we do have the fact that I believe it was November 8th when the election took place. And we all heard about Donald Trump’s disdain for Mexicans and Latinos. He specifically said he wanted to build a wall. Now I’m not trying to turn this into a political debate. I got plenty opportunity to do that later. I’m trying to get to the bottom of the motive behind this alleged kidnapping or hoax if you will. Timing is everything. Three days later she’s kidnapped? As a retaliation for Trump winning? Let’s do a complete count of how many blondes went missing since Trump won.  I was watching a movie two nights ago called Sugar Mountain. It was a very good movie. These two brothers in Alaska were having some financial difficulties. They were faced with a lot of debt. And they had a loan shark on their back. Now this loan shark was kicking their ass and intimidating them everywhere they went around town. Nobody would get in this loan sharks weigh. Not even the Sherriff. Now The Story Goes On to say it was two brothers and one girl. My apologies for those of you who want to watch the movie but I got to use it in this story. The Wife, whose married to one of the brothers was in on it, and the two brothers. One Brother pretended to go missing. The reason why they chose that particular brother is because it was more likely that he would get lost vs. The other brother. They made a decision based on the fact that no one would believe that the other brother would have gotten lost.  He was very skilled in the mountains. He knew his way around. He could live off the land, he was a true survivor. After a while they reported him missing. They literally had everything planned. They concocted a public fight in the bar so that there would be Witnesses. Everything they did was calculated. Because they wanted the public to have more than one story. The two stories that garnered the most attention were one brother was jealous of his brothers relationship, and the other was they needed money. But then the idea that maybe the brother was a murderer. There was so much speculation throughout the community.  The wife cried for her missing husband when she was in front of the cameras. She maintained a somber look. The brother followed suit. Guess who discovered it was a hoax first? The loan shark. He knew it and he INSISTED THAT they immediately sell the story to pay him off. The brother and the wife continue to talk to the media, But ultimately after the brother was found. They wanted to talk to him. They offered upwards of $500,000 to get his story. His story from his mouth in his own words is what really would sell.

Money is always a motivator. And one of the toughest things for people to accept is the fact that there is someone out there who would con them. As I watched the wife in this movie to observe her facial expression when she was in front of the camera was shocking. To see the two brothers literally in the woods beating the shit out of each other just to make the story seem more legitimate lets you know that people would do these things for money.  You can’t dare tell me what a person would not do for money.  One brother would punch the other one in the face, then hug him and apologize. This carried on for a little bit. So when he went to the cops or the cops questioned him about his injuries or what transpired in the bar, it solidifies the story even more. It gives people a mental picture. Then they start to imagine the two brothers in the woods fighting to the death. ONE brother gets the better of the other brother and one of two things happens. The brother either storms off and gets lost during his cool down. Or he was murdered by his own brother.

 Sometimes in order to pass a lie detector test you have to commit certain Acts.  And if you believe certain acts as you would a story line, or a script, it’s easy to stick to it.  EVERY actor must first believe what they are performing. You don’t laugh when you’re supposed to cry because the script does not call for that. You follow the script. That’s what we call good acting.

 Let’s discuss the word staging. STAGING in the terms of real estate is where you take a home that is empty and you create a warm environment with furniture and flowers and a nicely decorated bedroom . You put toys in the children’s room . That gives the buyer the opportunity to see what their life would be like in this home.

The other definition

an instance or method of presenting a play or other dramatic performance.
“one of the better stagings of this Shakesperean classic”
 Have you ever noticed that sometimes if you look at an empty home it’s hard to imagine yourself there? But if there’s a table set up Or a Bed set up and a couple of dressers or maybe a few cute pictures you can start to feel like it’ll be yours?
 will sometimes the real estate agent is not able to sway you with words. So they use objects.
Well a con artist uses words. That’s all he has and he uses those words to paint a mental picture for you. The con artists realize that that’s all it takes are words. They know they never have to actually do anything.
Staging is basically putting on a show.  We all talk about people getting their 15 minutes of fame. It means it’s their time to shine.
So when someone is staging, preparation was involved. Speeches were given in front of the mirror. Opinions were sought out on the delivery of said speech. Attire is chosen based on the circumstances.
Everytime presidents enter a natural disaster area, they always roll up their sleeves. It gives the impression that they are there to work and assess. We have no respect for men in suits in the hard hat area.
This EXPERT means well.  And somewhere in the back of my mind I feel like there’s something that’s understated. He’s playing both sides. He’s telling you on one hand to show compassion, but then calling them liars. But who is THEY? THEY SET IT UP… who is he talking about? The “kidnappers? They wouldn’t be so clever. This has Keith and Cameron all over it. Not some serial rapist or killer.
 In order to make the assumption that the serial rapist or serial killer did this and she was set free because of her experience for negotiations, we’d have to first admit that the serial killer knew all about her background and knew exactly what she had fear of the most. We’d have to assume that it was an episode from the movie SAW. WE’D have to believe that it was orchestrated by God or someone who believes himself to be god. Someone who sees himself as a healer and deliverer and one who is able to set the captives free.


He wears blue when he’s trying to sell something. Blue is a sense of hard work and people tend to trust easier. Blue is relatable. It’s masculine and could be construed as a sense of power.
The blue shirt is in charge.

Sleeves are rolled up unnecessarily! Lol but it’s to sell you an idea. Arms spread wide to give the appearance of being larger than oneself. Photo snapped then.

I’ll be posting another photo that caught my attention and will be needing your analysis.

Who are these guys? Groomsmen or a gang?

I understand that you are supposed to have different pose options for your special day. But wtf is this shit?